Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet


The toilet is an important part of any bathroom. While you probably don’t give it much thought, having a toilet that is not running or working properly can be a real hassle. Unfortunately, toilets aren’t built to last forever and should be changed from time to time. Knowing the signs of when it’s time to replace a toilet will help your bathroom function properly.

It’s Leaking

If the toilet is constantly leaking, it may need to be replaced. Leaking from the tank is one thing, but many older toilets start leaking from underneath every single time the toilet is flushed. Not only is this unsanitary because of the dirty water coming out from underneath the toilet, but it is problematic for floors and tile work that are in the bathroom.

It’s Cracked

If your toilet is currently cracked, it needs to be replaced to prevent cuts and scratches. Porcelain can crack over time, which can cause leaks, floods and bodily harm to those who are using the toilet.

It Doesn’t Fill Correctly

Despite changing the interior parts of the toilet, some toilets need to be replaced when they aren’t filling correctly. This may be due to a leak on the exterior of the toilet or the plumbing line coming into the tank in the back. No matter the issue, a toilet that does not fill all the way or takes forever to fill should be replaced to prevent a plumbing issue.

You’re Renovating the Bathroom

If you’re renovating the bathroom in any way, replacing the toilet is a good way to get the room to look its best. Older toilets can look outdated and may not complement a room that you’re updating. Plus, a brand new toilet can increase the value of the home if you are looking to sell.

It’s Clogged All the Time

A toilet that needs replacing may be clogged all the time and you may experience a lot of sewage issues with it because it is simply not working the way that it should. This is easily rectified when replacing the toilet for one that is brand new.

It’s Not Sturdy

Older toilets may have been solid and sturdy at one time, but now are wobbly and dangerous. If you sit down on the toilet and it wobbles from side to side, it needs to be replaced because it is no longer sitting flush with the floor. A brand new toilet is not going to be wobbly because it will be placed properly.

Getting a brand new toilet and getting rid of the old one can be of great benefit to you and your family, especially if the older toilet was causing a lot of problems.


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