10 Easy Ways to Transition Your Home from Thanksgiving to Christmas


Decorating for the holidays should be a fun, pleasant experience. So, you don’t have to start tearing down the Thanksgiving decorations the moment the last piece of turkey is eaten at dinner. Instead, start to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a gradual way. When you transition your holiday décor, take your time and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Here are few simple things that you can do to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas décor.

Give Your Candles a New Look

Candles are a familiar part of a home’s décor during both Thanksgiving and Christmas time. If you have brown, tan or white candles set out for Thanksgiving, switch the brown and tan ones for red, green or gold candles. Leave the bright white candles in place so they can serve as an appealing contrast to your more colorful candles.

Mix in Some Festive Throw Pillows

Add some festive energy to your décor by mixing in some bright red, gold, silver or green pillows. It’s even more fun if you get pillows of different shapes, sizes and textures. If you have a white or neutral colored sofa, these will give an instant dose of color to the room. This is an easy way to make the room more festive without a lot of work.

Decorate Your Table with Colorful Napkins and Place Mats

Exchange the rust, brown or white Thanksgiving place mats on your dinner table for bright red or green ones. A checkered pattern featuring bright red and white is another attractive option. Go with a pattern that stands out. Pair your place mats with plaid fabric napkins or green napkins fastened with silver napkin rings. These small changes will get your dinner table into the Christmas spirit.

Add Some Greenery to Your Centerpiece

Do you have a traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece on your table? Maybe you have a cornucopia overflowing with artificial fruit including pears, apples, sweet dumpling squash and more. Remove the cornucopia and artfully arrange the fruit in the center of your table. Then, take some branch sprigs, pine cones and red berries and mix them in with your fruit centerpiece. This allows you to incorporate part of your Thanksgiving centerpiece into your Christmas tablescape.

Use Ornaments in Your Centerpiece

If you have a fruit bowl as the centerpiece on your dinner table year-round, try adding some colorful ball ornaments to it. A mixture of bright blue and red balls pairs well with a few silver sparkly ornaments to dress your centerpiece up for Christmas. Wrap the bowl in a gold or silver cloth ribbon to make the centerpiece even more elegant.

Set up your Christmas Tree Stand

Put your Christmas tree stand out in your living room a few weeks before getting your tree can add to your joyful décor. This is especially true if you have a colorful stand or one that has been passed down through generations of your family. The presence of the tree stand will add happy expectancy to your décor.

Paint Your Pine Cones

The pinecones in your Thanksgiving centerpiece or in decorative vases in your home, can do double duty for Christmas. Paint your brown pinecones with silver or gold sparkly paint from the local craft store. After they dry, arrange them around a white candle or put them in a bright white bowl for a glittery display.

Set Out Scented Candles

Chances are, you set out some scented candles for your family’s enjoyment on Thanksgiving. Why not do the same for Christmas? Put the cranberry, sweet potato and honey roll scented candles back into the cabinet. For Christmas, set out some scented candles with a peppermint, cinnamon or cedar fragrance. Different scents will definitely help enhance your holiday décor.

Add Some Sparkle to the Décor

White vases with sparkly silver designs, candle holders with gold reindeer running across them or a clear glass vase wrapped with a string of white LED lights, are all simple things you can add to your home to take the decor from a traditional Thanksgiving to a joyful Christmas celebration.

Get Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a sign of Christmas. Look for a few colors other than red to add more interest to your holiday décor. Instead of leaving your poinsettias in traditional red or gold foil wrapped pots, place them into small wicker baskets or square pots painted red or green.

When it’s time to start transitioning your holiday décor, do it gradually. Enjoy this joyful time of year and take the opportunity to have fun and get creative with the festive decorations at home.


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