Tablescapes for Easter & Passover


The themes that dominate Easter and Passover reveal the beauty of redemption, protection, and the promise of new horizons. While both holidays have some shared symbolism, they also have some that are uniquely their own.

Personalize Place Cards for Passover

Use some melted chocolate to create name tags on matzos. The procedure is simple. Melt some chocolate and pour it into a piping bag. Write the name of each guest onto the matzos. Allow the chocolate to cool. Once the chocolate has cooled, tuck the matzos into neatly folded napkins. Place this arrangement on each plate.

Topiaries for Passover

Topiaries can add height to your Passover table. Little potted and sculpted plants filled with fragrant flowers, herbs, and other goodies bring the essence of the manicured garden indoors. Start the Passover Seder with white roses and finish the dinners off with fruits like strawberries or lemons.

Topiaries work for Easter celebrations as well. Start with basic greenery and fasten some decorated blown eggs to the branches or place eggs around the base of the topiaries. You can also add ribbons, flowers, and other decorative elements to make the topiary fancier.

Seder Plates

The heart of every Seder meal should be the traditional Seder plate. To create a beautiful Seder centerpiece, start with a beautiful plate. Try decorative ceramic or even pewter to set the tone.

Next, fill little cups with Seder items like the shank bone of the lamb, karpas, a hard-boiled eggs, and charoset. Each food on the Seder plate symbolizes a significant element of this important Jewish holiday. Place the cups on to the Seder plate. Decorate around the plate with greenery and flowers.

Eggs-ceptional Eggs for Easter

Those celebrating Easter commemorate the event with a beautiful basket filled with colorful eggs. Get a beautiful basket made from thick interwoven twigs. Fill it with Easter grass or brown paper filler. Decorate the eggs. Place several eggs along with the grass, in the basket.

Eggshell Vases

Hollowed out eggshells placed in soft-boiled egg containers become decorative vases for small bunches of spring flowers. Create clusters of these decorative pieces and place them on a tray in the center of the table. Add individual ones to each plate to give each guest his/ her own burst of spring. Decorate the hollowed out shells for a subtle nod to the Easter holiday.

Tiered Easter Display

Use a tiered candy and cake dish to create a memorable Easter centerpiece. Fill each tier with something Easter- or spring-themed.

Start with decorated hard-boiled eggs for the bottom tier: this is usually the largest tier and can hold some extra weight. Add flowers like lilies or lilacs to the next tier. To the next tier, add decorative Easter candies. Keep filling each tier until it’s fully decorated. Then, place a spring-themed wreath on the table and situate the tiered centerpiece in its center.

If you want to create a similar display for Seder, use Seder-themed items. Some choices include bitter herbs, lemons and strawberries.

Three-Carrot Easter Celebration

Use colorful carrots as a napkin ring decoration. Start with some freshly washed and peeled carrots. Place them into a folded napkin and secure them there with a bit of raffia. For a variety, look for rainbow carrots. Mix in white, purple, and red carrots for a bit of Easter color.

Easter and Passover are two of the most important spring holidays. These Passover and Easter tablescapes will help you set the stage for your special holiday dinner.


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