Best Summer Home Improvement Projects


Summertime is a great part of the year for completing projects around the home. You may take some time off to be with the kids, who can also provide you with some help on the job. The warm weather makes it easier to leave doors and windows open during work as well as to set up work areas in the yard or garage. So with so many reasons to take on a project, you should think about the choices you have for exactly what to get into. Here are four categories of projects that are great for summer home improvements.

Value Builders

Adding value to your home is always a great idea. Improvements that modernize the home’s look, reduce energy costs, improve durability, or simplify daily living are a great choice. Think about using synthetics to upgrade wood components, such as porch decking, door trim, fascia, and eaves. Replace warped or noisy storm doors. Install a home security system. Check gutter output and reroute it if it drains toward the house or delicate plants, and speaking of plants, put in a unique flower bed or plant some carefully-chosen trees.

Energy Savers

For kids, summer is all about fun. For parents, there’s usually a little anxiety associated with each month’s electric bill. Some smart home improvement projects can help. Try adding insulation in the attic, or even just planting shade trees on the sunny side of the house. Get windows caulked, or replace them with more energy-efficient units. Upgrade your heating and cooling system, and make sure that landscaping isn’t undermining the efficiency of your outdoor units. Feel around your windows and doors for leaking cold air, then check your door sweeps and weather-stripping to make sure they’re tight. 

Lifestyle Upgrades

While you’re sitting around in a broken-down lawn chair waiting on your charcoal to heat up, plan something better. Outdoor kitchens and living areas are gaining popularity. You can install permanent furniture and appliances to make your cookouts more like cook-ins, without the indoor mess, heat, and insect invaders. Imagine pulling a meal off the grill and settling down to watch a movie under the stars.

Problem Solvers

It seems like something always breaks, leaks, or malfunctions in the winter. The harsh weather at the time can lead you to put in a stop-gap solution, but you’ll eventually have to make a more final repair. Summer can be a great time for that, and one good example is your roof. Shingle roofs perform better when they have been installed during warm weather. The summer heat softens their adhesive and helps the shingles bond together, making them less susceptible to wind and rain. 

Summer is a great time for recreation, and what can be more fun than taking on a great home improvement project? It’s a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors with the family while creating something with lasting value and beauty for your home.


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