Creative Uses for Pickle Juice


Do you have an jar of pickle juice sitting in your fridge leftover from summer BBQ’s? If you’re not sure what to do with leftover pickle juice and don’t want to just throw it out, here are some creative uses for pickle juice you can test on National Pickle Day.

Add Veggies to the Brine

Wash, chop and trim raw veggies that you didn’t use when preparing a crudité platter or salad and add them to leftover pickle brine. Allow everything to soak to make a delicious fresh batch of marinated veggies.

Clean the Counters

If you’d rather use an all-natural product to sanitize your kitchen counters rather than harsh chemicals, try pickle juice . Strain leftover pickle juice to remove herbs and seeds and put the juice into a spray bottle. The vinegar in the brine will even shine grungy copper pans.

Make Deli-Style Bread

If you’ve fallen in love with Jewish deli breads but don’t know how to alter your recipe to get that distinct flavor, you’ve had the secret in your ‘fridge door all along. Replace recipe liquids like milk or water with pickle juice.

Kill Weeds

Don’t inundated your plants with chemical weed repellents, replace them with pickle juice. This will also repel animals from making your yard into a litter box.

Add to Your Potato Salad

Does the potato salad recipe you’ve been using for years require relish to add a signature touch? However, you may panic in mid-prep if you notice that the relish is missing from your ‘fridge door and you’ve no substitute. Instead, flavor with pickle brine, no one will even know the difference.

Add to Your Avocado Toast

Make pickle juice your secret ingredient every time you prepare avocado toast. Spice things up with a sprinkling of dill weed. Expect your family to ask for more, this breakfast is a crowd pleaser.

Put it on Sunburns

If your go-to sunburn remedy is aloe but you forgot to put it on your shopping list, don’t panic, pickle juice to the rescue! Saturate cotton balls or a rag with pickle juice and apply it to painful areas. Will you smell like a pickle? Maybe. But once you feel relief, you may not care.

Add to a Bloody Mary

Use pickle juice to spice up your Bloody Mary’s before you add celery sticks into the glass. Test and taste until you get the exact amount of pickle juice that you desire.


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