National Aviation Day


National Aviation Day is a federal observance holiday that is celebrated here in the U.S. This holiday celebrates aviation and its history, which has to do with all forms of air travel and flight. Each year on National Aviation Day, the current President of the United States is authorized to ensure the United States flag is flying over all federal and government buildings.

National Aviation Day first became a recognized observance holiday in 1939 when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used an executive declaration to celebrate Orville Wright’s birthday every year. Orville Wright and his brother were the first people to create a flying object with the ability to fly in a controlled way. Orville Wright himself was actually the first person to fly going a distance of about 120 feet for 12 seconds. When National Aviation Day became a holiday in 1939, Orville Wright was alive to see this and lived for many years after to continue to celebrate this day.

Some places in the United States host a fun show during the summer that celebrates National Aviation Day. In Chicago, there is an annual Chicago Air and Water Show right by Lake Michigan. This show is extremely popular bringing out millions of natives and tourists every year. Offered to spectators by the city of Chicago and completely free, this air and water show displays jets flying in cool developments, pilots doing stunts, parachuting actions, and fun water events as well. There is also an Atlantic City Airshow over the Atlantic City boardwalk that is held annually in the summer by the beach. Along this famous boardwalk, viewers can see a show with helicopters and lots of fun. The Cleveland National Air show is held every year on Labor Day Weekend at the lake in Cleveland, Ohio. This interesting air show has aerial tricks with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and a type of heritage flight as well. The Bethpage Air Show takes place in New York every year on Memorial Day weekend. It is located on Long Island in Wantagh, New York off the coast. This show has all the different types of military including the Blue Angles and Thunderbirds making an appearance.

National Aviation Day was made to encourage everyone in this great nation to celebrate all the evolution and progressions that are constantly made in flight and aviation. This is a day for everyone to think about how far this country has come and show support for the modern inventions and future of air travel. On this day, there are usually special events at museums that showcase the history and technology of aviation. There could also be special proceedings at some airports.

Schools also do their part in celebrating this special day. On National Aviation Day, many schools encourage teachers and students to engage in fun activities together that have to do with aviation; including discussions about aviation history, the possible aviation advancements of the future, and of those people known for benefiting the growth of aviation, like the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. The teachers will also have students join in interactive flight projects and focus on careers that have to do with the industry of flying.

There are many simple things families and individuals can do at home to bring a little celebration to this cool holiday, especially involving the children. A nice, peaceful idea would be to read a book about aviation that details historic events, the most famous flights, or how far along America has come in aviation growth. If you are able to fly, National Aviation Day is the day to take a nice flight. It is possible that there may be special deals at the airport or aviation schools. You are guaranteed to have lots of learning fun by visiting your local aviation museum or historical society since they will likely have special events for kids and adults. If possible, you can take the time out to find and thank an employee of the aviation industry like a pilot, dispatcher, flight attendant, etc. They all help keep the aviation industry going and growing, so this is the day to celebrate them as well.

If you are someone that knows a lot about flight, airplanes, and aviation, National Aviation Day is the perfect chance to take the time to share what you know and teach your children or friends the things you know. Children tend to love airplanes and everything to do with flying so this could be something of great  interest for them. You can also celebrate by building a model airplane or even a simple paper airplane. The great thing about doing this is that it can also be turned into a lesson about the way planes are made and what makes them fly. It is also possible for paper airplanes to turn into games that lasts for quite a while. You can do airplane races or have a contest of who can make the best design on their paper airplane with crayons and markers.

National Aviation Day is a very special day. It provides a great opportunity to learn and participate in a subject that many citizens of America find great interest in, but know very little about. Flying is an amazing feat, and those who have been a part of the advancements in flying are amazing people that should be admired. The growth of aviation is filled with exciting unknowns and incredible possibilities that make this wonderful day a day worth celebrating.


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