Tips to Make Laundry Day Easier


If you are like most people, laundry day is one of your most dreaded days, especially if you have to go to the laundromat. But laundry day does not have to be a miserable experience. With a few tips and tricks, make laundry day easier and maybe even enjoyable.

Don’t Wash Your Clothes Every Time You Wear Them

One of the easiest ways to avoid doing so much laundry is to wash your clothes less often. If you only wear something for a short while, you may be able to get another wear out of it. You can also keep your shirts clean by wearing an undershirt. Some people rarely wash their jeans.

Use at Least Two Hampers

Sorting out your laundry before you can wash it adds a lot of time to your laundry routine. You can make this process go faster by using multiple hampers. Sort your laundry in the correct hamper as you use it rather than dumping it all in one place. If you like to keep things simple, you will want two hampers, one for whites and one for colors. If you separate your laundry up even more, such as doing separate cycles for linens and delicates, then you will need a few more hampers. If you have a hamper for each type of load, you can avoid the sorting on laundry day.

Don’t Buy Detergent at the Laundromat

It may be convenient to buy the single use detergent packs at the laundromat, especially if you don’t want to lug a heavy container of detergent back and forth from the laundromat. However, the money you spend on those small detergent packs can really add up, and you can find yourself spending lots of money. Instead, buy a large container of detergent and separate it into small plastic bags at home, making it easy to grab a few on your way to do your laundry. For an even quicker fix, purchase laundry pods.

Avoid Busy Times

Find a time to go when the laundromat is not too full, you can save a lot of time by getting several loads into several washers at once rather than washing one load at a time. See when your laundromat is less busy and avoid the weekends and after-work hours.

Check the Washers and Dryers Before You Use Them

You never know what the person before you washed or how much bleach they used. You also need to check the dials to make sure everything is set to what you need. Check to make sure your machine is clean and empty of clothes or stray items, so that you don’t mess up your own laundry and spend even more time fixing the situation. Bring a washcloth with you to wipe down any dirty machines. You may also want to use white vinegar or a Downy ball to make sure your clothes don’t pick up any odors from the washer.

Save Time with the Dryer

There are several ways to help your clothes dry faster and save you time. Choose a dryer that is already warm, as it will take less time to heat up. Clean out the vents to remove any lint. This will not only speed up your drying time, it will also prevent fires. Shake out your clothes as your transfer them from the washer to the dryer. The clothes will dry faster if they are not in a big wet lump, and there will be fewer wrinkles. You can make your close dry even faster by putting a dry towel in with the wet clothes. It will help absorb some of the moisture.


No one wants to sit at the laundromat for a couple of hours, but it is never a good idea to leave your laundry unattended. Anything could happen to your things while you are gone. Instead, turn your waiting into a positive, and get some things done while you wait. Spend your time catching up on paperwork or schoolwork, respond to emails, pay your bills or even call that friend you feel obligated to talk to. If you can spend the time doing something else you don’t really enjoy, you will be killing two birds with one stone, and the time won’t feel like such a waste.

Make it Enjoyable

If you don’t have any work to take care of while you wait, try to make the time enjoyable for yourself. Most laundromats offer free wifi, so bring a tablet with you and binge watch a television show or watch a film. Bring a book you’ve been meaning to read or listen to some music to help you relax. Try to use the time to chill out, and take some time for yourself.

With some planning and discipline, laundry day does not have to be a hassle. If you strategize and stick to your schedule, you can finish your laundry quickly and easily. Once you have your laundry done, you can get back to the things you’d rather be doing.


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