Tips for Selling a Home during the Winter


Selling a home in the middle of winter presents a unique set of challenges. Your home might not show well in the middle of winter if you live where it is cold. The grass dies, the trees are bare and people might see your home in its best light. Sell your home faster in the winter with these helpful tips.

Keep the Path Clear

Potential buyers won’t have a good impression of your home if they’re unable to make their way down the walkway or driveway because of snow. Keep a path clear and make sure that your home is welcoming and inviting.

Make Your Home Welcoming

Make sure your home looks open and inviting as possible. Turn on the lights, burn candles so your house smells good, open the blinds and curtains and leave fresh flowers out for potential buyers to see.

Turn up the Temperature

To ensure your home is at a good temperature when buyers are inside, set your thermostat a little higher than you normally would if you were home or at work so the house stays warm incase buyers stop by. This also helps keep the HVAC from turning on while buyers are inside, which can be distracting if you have a loud system.

Nothing feels better during the cold winter months than a warm and happy home. Let your home be warm and welcoming to make buyers feel as like they could come home to this each day.

Clear the Clutter

Clean your house from top to bottom to make your home look more appealing. A sparkling clean house will attract potential buyers when they walk into your home. Remove clutter and items that you don’t need, this will help you get a head start on packing and will make your house look bigger and more inviting. Remove knickknacks and additional furniture that you don’t need. If it’s not something you use each day, pack it up so doesn’t make your home look cluttered.

Set the Mood

Setting a mood reminds people you can feel happy in your home no matter how cold it is outside.
• Set out a bottle of wine and two wine glasses
• Replace your used towels with fresh ones for a spa-like bathroom
• Place fresh flowers throughout your home
• Throw a plush blanket on the ottoman in front of the fireplace to create a hygge ambiance

Frame Summertime Photos

If you can’t show your house during the summer, try framing photos of your home at its prime. Do you have a photo of your home in the middle of summer when the flowers are in bloom? Frame it and put it on the counter so the buyers can see what the house looks like during the summer. If you have photos of your garden and landscaping, frame them and put them out for buyers to see.

Turn on the Music

Most people own a surround sound system or stereo. Play classical or jazz music low so it’s audible but not overwhelming. This will help buyers feel welcome and feel right at home.

Implement these tips for selling a home and make it shine just a little brighter in the middle of winter. Walk through your home with the eyes of a stranger and ask yourself what you might see if you were a buyer walking through. Change what you notice and add what you think might help. This is a genius way to help you sell your home.


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