Tips for National Window Safety Week


You may not think about how dangerous windowpanes and window openings are in the wrong situations. However, numerous adults, teenagers and children are injured from a variety of window injuries. During national window safety week, consider these tips to protect everyone in your family.

Use the Window Stops on the Window Tracks

If you have children or family pets, then make sure to use the window stops that are located on the window’s tracks. By popping these items open, you can only open the windows a few inches. This means that a child or a pet cannot fall through an open window or the window’s screen. Using these devices on the windows that are located near a window seat is especially important.

Apply Colorful Stickers to Sliding Glass Doors

When you have sliding glass doors in your home, you should apply colorful stickers to the windowpanes. Anyone approaching the sliding glass door from the inside or outside can see the colorful stickers to avoid walking into the delicate window glass. These stickers can also protect your family pets from running through the window glass so that the animals won’t have deep lacerations.

Install Window Guards

By installing durable window guards on the windows of your home, you can prevent home invasions from burglars, and you can also keep someone from falling through a window. You can find standard window guard devices that are easy to install inside or outside a home, but if you have a window that is an odd shape, then you can order a customized window guard system.

Avoid Any Dangling Cords

The curtain rods and window blinds that are hanging over windows can also cause dangerous situations. The dangling strings of the items or the thin slats of blinds can become strangling hazards, especially for infants or toddlers. Make sure to keep the strings of the curtain rods and the window blinds away from cribs, playpens and the floor. If you have window blinds, then raise the items to a higher level to keep children from becoming tangled in the slats.

Apply Adhesive Window Film

Tinted window film can protect you and your family from the dangers of the sun’s ultraviolet rays while also reducing a home’s climate-control costs, but more importantly, it can keep broken glass from falling on someone. If a window shatters from an earthquake, high winds or from a flying object, the sticky window film keeps the sharp shards of glass in place.

Childproof Window Locking Systems

It is essential to have strong locks on your home’s windows to keep anyone from breaking in, but you should install childproof locking systems. When you visit a home improvement store to look for locks, make sure that the label states that it is a childproof device. Take time to learn how to use the lock before you install it, but also, make sure that your children are unable to open the lock.


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