Simple Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home


Selling a home can be very time-consuming. Keeping up with maintenance at home will keep you house in good shape and make it easier to sell it down the line. A well-cared for home can be a money-maker for the seller. Here are some simple ways to increase the value of your home by making some improvements and upgrades.


Walls are usually the first areas to start looking shabby and sometimes downright dirty, if not maintained regularly. Sometimes, washing the walls helps for awhile, but new paint every few years keeps your home looking its best. This upkeep adds value to your home and is particularly important if you think of listing the home for sale.

Add Crown Molding

After everything is sparkling and looks new from the paint job, add crown molding. You may do this throughout the home or just in the living areas. Wherever you add this elegant molding, you’ll find it will beautify the appearance of the room and also add to resale value.

Update Fixtures

Give you kitchen a fresh new look by changing out faucets and updating the hardware on the cabinet doors. If the cabinets need repair, check into inexpensive resurfacing for them. Add modern light fixtures to show off your uncluttered, newly painted kitchen space. You can also update lighting and faucet fixtures in your bathrooms, this will help add value to your home, making it easier to stage for buyers.

Make Your Porcelain Sparkle

Dingy sinks and chipped porcelain tubs lower the value of your home. A prefabricated tub and shower are worth the price for a cleaner bathroom look. If not, try your best to clean your porcelain to make your house more appealing. Porcelain tiles can actually increase the value of your home if maintained properly.

Clean Your Carpet

If your carpet is worn and old, do a steam clean and cover worn areas with matching runners and throw rugs. This will not only keep your house fresh and clean it will also make your carpet or rug look as good as new.

Replace Old Windows

Did you know that replacing old windows helps increase the value of your home? This will let you home catch more natural light and help reduce cooling and heating costs. Replacing windows increases a home’s marketability and lets you command a higher-selling price.

Outdoor Improvements

While it’s important to keep the indoors of a house updated, the outdoor landscape is equally important. Remember to give it the proper attention for great curb-appeal and to increase the overall value of your property.
Here are some ways to improve your yard:

Keep the Lawn Green

Regular mowing and weeding keeps your yard in top shape for the spring and summer. Autumn often finds the lawn looking a little drab and worn out. Regular aeration and feeding revives the lawn. Sometimes, if aeration brings up grubs, fungicide treatment is necessary to correct this problem.

Maintain the trees

Healthy trees on your property provide curb appeal and shade that may help lower your heating and cooling bills. As such, regular maintenance of trees is also a necessity for the homeowner. Pruning, checking for pests and fertilization are considerations. Often, a professional is best suited for some or all of such upkeep and possible additions.

Upgrade Landscaping

One of the most valuable upgrades to increase your home’s value is front and backyard landscaping. Again, a professional with appropriate knowledge and equipment might be the answer to this problem. Add flower beds, mass plantings, shrubs, and even new trees to complete this project. You do not have to plant everything at the same time. A professional can create a master design plan for your property and install it in stages. The master plan may include an addition of a deck or patio. Maybe you’d even like a pergola, arbor, or gazebo. Include all of your landscaping upgrades in your plan.

Safety and Protection

Other upgrades for the home include security systems and cameras. You might also install a safe or a gun safe. List the valuable artwork inside the home under your homeowner’s policy. Window replacement is often an important project for older homes. Keep in mind; upkeep and maintenance are necessary for you to enjoy all the features your home provides. This is particularly important when you sell the property. Consider these projects an investment in your future.

Upkeep and maintenance are necessary for you to enjoy all the features your home provides. They are particularly important when you sell the property. Consider these projects an investment in your future.


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