Simple Pool Landscaping Ideas


There is no doubt that having a private pool at your home is an excellent amenity. It’s a place for you, your family, and friends to relax and have fun. Better yet, you never have to go far to cool down or have a pool party on a hot day or tropical evening. If you’re looking for ways to make your pool area more appealing and welcoming, here are eleven simple pool landscaping ideas to help inspire you!

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is the perfect addition to the landscaping around your pool, deck, or backyard. Safer than bulb lighting that can potentially break when the weather gets rough, you can run rope lighting around walkways, porch steps, along fences, or on your deck.

Solar-powered rope lighting will also help save money on your energy bill. In places where rope lighting isn’t feasible, string lighting is another option to add light and sparkle to your outdoor living areas.

LED Pool Lighting

If you think that rope lighting makes your property look terrific, you’ll be amazed by how delightful LED pool lighting makes your backyard pool look.

Available in a variety of colors, they can be installed relatively quickly. As a bonus, you’ll see lower energy bills since these lights are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Celebrate the summer season with a pool that glows in your favorite color!

Fire Pit

Where better to gather than around a warm, glowing fire? A fire pit is a safer way to enjoy a bonfire. Plus the pits help keep embers contained, lessening the risk for an accidental fire spreading.

You can build your wood fire pit using a handful of materials, or you can buy a pre-assembled one to make set up easier. People who are concerned about the environmental impact of wood-burning or reside in areas where open fires aren’t allowed can consider a gas fire pit. This type of fire pit is easy to light and control. All it requires is a fuel source, typically CNG (compressed natural gas; the same kind of fuel used for gas grills.) When you’re done using it, you turn it off. You needn’t worry about embers flaring up or causing a potential fire hazard.

Container Garden

Add color and beauty to your pool area with a container garden. Regardless of whether you want to plant vibrant flowers or you want to homestead with a fresh herb garden, a container garden offers a perfect solution.

Raised wooden gardens, planter boxes, and raised beds can get built from scratch, or you can buy a kit to simplify. Other types of container gardens worth considering include outdoor wall hanging planters, vertical containers, hanging rail planters, and simple planters.

Patio Pavers

Lawn pavers are a creative and affordable way to add style and flair to your poolside area. Pavers are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Some options include classic brick, interlocking cement, natural stone, and concrete. They are ideal for building walkways, patios, and can even get used to construct a fire-pit.

Hedges and Shrubbery

Carefully manicured boxwood hedges and other shrubberies can make your pool area feel like a retreat! Plus shrubs and greenery can add an extra layer of privacy to your backyard oasis. Popular plants include cedar pine trees, skip laurel shrubs, juniper bushes, creeping gardenia, and other hardy varieties.

Garden Structures

Garden structures add sophistication, flair, and functional space to your pool area. These days, you’ll find no shortage of garden structures from which to choose. Steel arbors are a perfect statement entryway. Pergolas are shaped like a square and form a shaded walkway, passageway, or a sitting area and feature vertical pillars or posts.

In many cases, they support buttresses and have latticework to train viney plants such as rosebushes, ivy, and Virginia Creeper. Gazebos are similar to pergolas. However, they are quite different. Gazebos feature a full roof and are octagon in shape.

Fairy Garden

Building a fairy garden is a fun and whimsical way to add style to your pool area. Items that help make your fairy garden magical include multiple pot planters, fairy houses, miniature furniture (for the fairies, of course!) and other assorted items to help attract the fairies to your homestead.

Water Features

You already have a pool. Why not add another water feature to your backyard? Luckily, these features are available in all sizes and configurations to make your yard aesthetically more appealing and peaceful.

Fountains can add an elegant touch to the entire atmosphere of your backyard. When considering which fountain is best for your home, you have the option to build your own from scratch (if you’re handy) or select from a wide variety of pre-built fountains.

If you want something more elaborate and your budget allows, you might also consider hiring a professional landscaping company to design and build your outdoor water feature.

Power Washing

You might be surprised how far a good cleaning can go! A thorough power washing of areas including walkways, fences, and deck areas whisk away debris, including mold, algae, dirt, grime, and other contaminants that pose potential health and safety hazards. Not to mention it will look a whole lot better!

This cleaning refreshes and revitalizes your pool area in virtually no time. Residential power washing machines are relatively affordable if you want the option to pressure wash as often as needed. If you don’t care to invest in costly equipment, enlist the help of a commercial power washing company to do the work for you.

Make the most of your backyard pool with these ideas to make your surroundings more beautiful and enjoyable. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity to turn your boring backyard into something truly spectacular!


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