Shortcuts for an Organized Home


Every now and then we all find ourselves overwhelmed by our own clutter. It is not a good feeling to feel like you are drowning in all of your stuff. Here are some of our simple solutions to create a more organized life at home.


Get rid of all the stuff you do not regularly use. Stop saving items for a rainy day and accept the fact that you do not need to hold on to everything. This is the most important step to having a more organized home.

The easiest way to do this is to tackle one room a week. It does not need to be time consuming or stressful. Simply bring a bag for trash and a bag for donations into a room and get rid of items you do not regularly use.

Here are a few examples:
• Old or rarely used make-up and toiletries
• Extra plates, dishes, and cups that you have not actually used in years
• Clothes that you are waiting to fit into again
• Toys that your children have grown out of
When you get rid of these items you are not only creating space in your home, you are eliminating the need to keep these items organized. They are not only taking up space in your home, but that are taking up space in your life. These items are taking time away from your family and friends.

We have found that once you start simplifying, you will get excited to clear out a room because you will see the value.

Everything Has a Home

Make sure the things that you choose to hold on to have a specific space that it belongs. When you use it, remember to put it back in its designated spot.
Baskets, Bins, Boxes, and more
Storage containers are our best kept secret to simple organization. Baskets, bins and boxes allow you to be a little messy, while still appearing to be organized.

Simple Organization Techniques:
• Keep a cute box with a lid on your bathroom shelves for all of your hair ties, bobby pins, and head-bands
• Have bins in your childrens’ play area for them to throw their toys into when they are done using them
• If you have large drawers, put a bin or two into them to create separators for things like socks, underwear, and bras
• Place a bin under the bathroom sink to throw your baby’s bath toys into after each bath
These few examples quickly show how bins and baskets make it super easy to stay organized.

Use a Calendar

Organization is not just about your physical objects, it’s about keeping your life organized. A calendar will help you stay on top of upcoming events, appointments and help you avoid you missing anything scheduled.

Create Routines and Set Schedules

Creating routines and schedules will help you stay on track and organized.

Here are some helpful tips:
• Have your kids do their homework at the same time each evening.
• Run the dishwasher every night after dinner. This way, when you wake up, you will always have to unload it.
• Always clean sheets on Sunday so that you will not have to think about when you last changed them and you know your sheets will always be clean.
When you keep your life organized, it will help ease the stress of getting things done because each task is scheduled.

Take That Extra Minute

Sometimes, cleaning up and organizing seems tedious. But, if you simply stay on top of everything, you will never have to do a lot of work at once.
Here are some examples:
• Make your bed every morning. It will take one minute and your room will look clean because of it
• Spend 30 seconds to put your clothes away every time you take them off
• Clean the dishes immediately after dinner. It takes 10 minutes and you will not have food left in your kitchen
When you take simple steps to clean and organize, you’ll spend less time stressing and more with your loved ones.


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