Potential Problems to Look for When House Hunting


Whether you are shopping around for your very first home or if you are interested in moving to a better home, there are a few potential problems to keep an eye out for. When you are aware of which issues are most problematic to you while house hunting you are able to avoid potential setbacks and letdowns once you finalize your decision.

Foundation and Structure Problems

Conduct an inspection of the overall structure and foundation of the property you are interested in. A sign that the structure or foundation of a home is weak may include tiled or off-balance doorways and frames along with window frames throughout the house. Inspect the outside foundation of the home as well to determine whether or not there are noticeable and damaging cracks causing additional strain on the overall structure of the property.


When a home smells of mildew or other strong odors it is important to inquire about the potential root cause. Mildew odors may indicate leaks or problems with plumbing and flooding, which often leads to expensive repair work.

Incomplete or Amateurish Household Repairs

Always complete a full walkthrough of the properties you are thinking of purchasing. A complete walkthrough allows you to view household repairs, plumbing, and any work that has been done. This will let you see if this home’s quality is on par with your standards.

Pest and Insect Issues

Verify that homes you are interested in bidding on are pest and insect-free. Check floorboards, corners of rooms, and even under counters and inside of cabinets to ensure there is not a potential issue for any type of bug infestation. Take note of any droppings you see or dirty walls where bugs may be entering the home to inquire about with your realtor.

Roofing Troubles

When a home is missing roofing shingles or has obvious leaks (along with a worn down roof), it is important to ask about potential warranties and the overall age of the roof itself. Roofing is an expensive investment and it is not always an easy fix, especially if you are experiencing roofing issues with a home immediately after moving in.

Shoddy Surroundings

Research the neighborhoods and drive through the surroundings of the homes you are interested in for you and your family. Avoid investing in a home that is in a neighborhood with rundown surroundings, especially if property value is important to you.

Understanding which potential problems are most important to look out for when house hunting is extremely beneficial to prevent choosing a home that results in endless expenses, investments, and frustrating repairs.


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