Home Improvement Projects for Summer


Making frequent improvements to your home is an excellent way to maintain its great condition and to enhance its style and value. While you can make some improvements at any time throughout the year, there are some advantages to completing home improvements during the summer. This season is known for its long days and warm temperatures, making it an ideal time for many outdoor improvements. If you are looking for thoughtful ways to improve your home’s condition, here are some wonderful projects to consider.

Gutters Installation

Gutters are essential for the exterior of your home. They collect rainwater as well as snow or ice melt that runs off of your roof, and they channel this moisture to strategic areas. Without gutters, the water will run straight off of the roof, and this can cause wood rot on the fascia and siding. It can also cause significant erosion around the foundation. Installing gutters is fairly easy to do, and it can decrease home maintenance and repair work going forward. If your home already has gutters, the summer months are ideal for cleaning and repairing the gutters as needed. Doing so can make your gutters more effective when wet weather conditions are more prevalent.

Concrete Repairs and Installation

Most homes have at least a few concrete surfaces in the front and rear yards. These may be sidewalks, patios, driveways and more. Concrete is prone to chipping and cracking, and smaller cracks can be repaired with a minor improvement project. Patching or repairing small cracks can help you to avoid having to completely replace the concrete. Replacing concrete may be essential if damage becomes more significant. In addition to repairing cracked or chipped concrete features, you may install new concrete features. For example, if there is a dirt path through your yard where foot traffic is heavy, installing a concrete walkway in this area may improve your yard’s appearance and condition.

Deck Repairs and Construction

Many yards have at least a few wood features, such as a deck with benches or railings. Wood requires annual maintenance, such as cleaning, sanding and sealing, to promote its beautiful appearance and longevity. Warm temperatures and longer hours of sunlight make the summer months an ideal time to work on this type of project. You may also decide to install a new wood deck or to extend the length of your existing deck. Some homeowners may even replace wood with faux wood that is more durable and weather-resistant.

Siding Replacement

Siding requires regular maintenance to extend its life, but it also needs to be replaced periodically. Exposure to the elements, pests and more can deteriorate siding, and the caulk between the siding slats can also deteriorate. This can lead to mold growth, water damage, pest infestation and more. Annually, you may need to re-caulk and seal siding to protect your home from unnecessary damage. Every ten to 15 years, the siding may reach the end of its life and need to be replaced. Caulk and sealant needed for repairs may dry faster in the warmth of summer days, and dryer temperatures in the summer may also be more ideal for replacing siding.

Exterior Painting

Repainting your home’s exterior is essential for curb appeal, and this task also protects the home against weather-related damage. The repainting process involves several preparatory steps, such as sanding uneven surfaces, power washing, caulking and replacing rotted wood. The preparatory steps may take several days to complete if you do the work on your own, and it may take several additional days to paint the home. Because summer days have more daylight hours, you may be able to complete this project in fewer days if you do the work in the summer. Weather conditions may be more ideal for working outdoors and for allowing the caulk and paint to dry quickly.

New Windows and Doors Installation

Your home’s windows and doors will require replacement periodically. Your windows may be older and less energy-efficient than you desire. They can also detract from curb appeal when they have an outdated style. Older doors may also lack style and show the age of the home. If you have decided to replace your doors and windows soon, summer is the ideal season to do so. Replacing even a single window may take more time than you might think. There will be a period of time after a door or window is removed and before the new feature is installed when the home is exposed to the elements and vulnerable to pests, energy loss and more. You may enjoy working on this project when temperatures are warmer versus when outdoor temperatures are frigid. Keep in mind that summers are typically drier than winters in most areas as well.

Roof Repairs or Replacement

Scheduling a professional roof inspection annually is an essential step for home maintenance. It provides you with important insight about the current condition of your roof and about the steps that are needed to improve its condition. Many minor repair projects can be completed to prevent serious repairs from developing. Even with regular repairs, however, a roof will eventually require replacement. As is the case with many types of outdoor home improvements, summer is the ideal time to complete roof repairs and replacement work.

Sprinkler System Installation

Keeping your lawn, shrubs and flowers hydrated is essential, but this can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Installing a sprinkler system eliminates the need to lug a hose and sprinkler system across your yard. It helps you to avoid having to position the sprinkler’s stream in the ideal location for adequate hydration. A sprinkler system should be installed during the warmer months when it is easier to dig in the soil and when there is no concern about freezing pipes. Once your sprinkler system is installed, you can hydrate your lawn on a regular schedule without any effort required on your part.

Hardscape Installation

Another aspect of yard improvement to focus your attention on is hardscaping. Hardscape features are true improvements that can bolster curb appeal and property value. In some cases, they may promote property maintenance and decrease seasonal chores. Many hardscape features require you to dig through the topsoil or even to plant new vegetation. They may also require you to work with concrete. Summer conditions are most ideal for these aspects of hardscape installation.

Improving your home periodically is understandably a goal, and some indoor projects may be completed at any of the year. However, other projects are well-suited for completing during the summer months. With more hours of sunlight and with typically warmer and drier conditions, it makes sense to complete the projects listed here during the summer. Now may be the ideal time to start planning your next home improvement project.


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