How to Create Festive and Creative Centerpieces


The holidays are almost here and you are probably starting to stress out about how you’re going to dress up your table. Whatever your holiday theme may be, here are some unique ideas that will have your guests checking out the centerpiece.

Interactive Centerpieces

For an interactive centerpiece idea, take strips of colorful paper and curl them around a pen. When your guests arrive, pass out the strips and have them write down something that they are thankful for and then gather them up. Place the strips of paper into a decorative bowl on the center of the table. After the meal is over, you can have each guest choose a strip and read it aloud.


If you are short on time, flowers can be placed in an old teapot or a mason jar to spruce things up. Try using seasonal flowers such as amaryllis, carnations, lilies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, or gardenias. If the centerpiece is more Thanksgiving themed, try adding some colorful leaves still attached to small twigs from the yard. If it is for a Christmas centerpiece, try using small holly branches and ferns mixed with the flowers.

Fruits & Vegetables

For a more colorful display, try adding some color with fruits or vegetables. Showcase the fruit or veggies, such as oranges or peppers, in a large clear vase. You can even add colored water for the fruits or veggies to float in to give to a more decorative appeal. Use different shapes and sizes of fruits or veggies to create texture. For a more Thanksgiving theme, use different types and textures of gourds. You don’t have to just stick with orange. Mix and match the colors to fit with the theme that you are trying to create.


If you want to create a unique container, hollow out a pumpkin. You can choose a large pumpkin or a small one depending on the size of your table. Add tapered candles to raise the height of the centerpiece. This will serve as a base for whatever type of arrangement that you are creating. You could even use a decorative plate or metal container to showcase your creation.


For an elegant theme, fill a clear pitcher or large candle holder with pinecones or acorns and add decorative ribbons around the container. Try spray painting some of the pinecones or acorns to draw the eye to the centerpiece. You can even place the pinecones or acorns around the base of the container and use a more traditional flower arrangement in the center.

Mix and Match

Combine several ideas and use pumpkins, florals and greenery to create a collage of smells and textures. Try painting the pumpkins a festive color to add more appeal to the centerpiece. You can use a small wooden planter box container or simply place the items on a table runner. Use a contrasting color of table runner to the table cloth to better define the space. Add candles to the centerpiece to set the ambiance in the room.

Traditional Theme

For a traditional theme, use a lantern in the centerpiece and add decorations around it. Try using spray painted pinecones and cranberries to add a splash of color to your arrangement. Use dried corncobs and small pumpkins for a more Thanksgiving theme. If you want to add some height to your arrangement, try adding some cat tails or wheat stalks. You still want your guests to be able to see each other over the centerpiece, so cut the cat tails or wheat to an appropriate height.

Earthy Theme

If you are looking to create an earthy theme, use a potted plant and add candles around the decorative plants. The plants can be succulents or some other plant that is soft to the touch and visually interesting. Wrap battery powered led lights around a candle or even a vase to draw the eye to the d├ęcor items that you want to showcase.

Simple Fall Theme

For a simple fall like theme, glue colored leaves to the inside of mason jars and place tea lights inside the jar. This will light the leaves through the jar providing a soft ambiance to your centerpiece. This can be used as a base for a more decorative display or simply by itself. Make sure to use glue that will dry clear and only add a small amount to the leaves. You want to retain the beauty of the leaves and not have globs of glue showing.

Colorful Vases

Use different colored vases and fill them with contrasting colors. For example, use a blue vase and arrange red or orange colored leaf sprigs in them. Place moss around the base of the vases and add more neutral colored flowers on top of the moss. Place the whole arrangement on a tray or a table runner. Try using a mirrored tray to add depth to your centerpiece.

Kids Table

For a kids table, fill a vase with different kinds of colorful candies. Nestle a few flowers into the mix and wrap the vase with small battery powered led lights. At the end of the meal, the kids can pick out a treat from the centerpiece.

There are endless possibilities for centerpiece ideas that don’t cost much. Just look to nature for your inspiration. There are so many colors that can be captured and brought indoors during the fall season. Consider different combinations of produce that can be utilized. The holidays don’t need to stress you out, just choose a theme and create your atmosphere around some simple items.

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