Benefits of Using Chalk Paint


Paint is any easy way to many any space more attractive and visually appealing. Chalk paint gives furniture and other items an interesting and diverse look. Below are some reasons why chalk paint might be a good choice for your next home project.

It’s Forgiving

Many people are first attracted to chalk paint because it is very forgiving. A piece does not have to be perfectly sanded and smooth to achieve a good surface for painting with chalk paint. Slight imperfections in the piece and the texture in the paint makes it a great medium for giving an antique, textured surface.

Color Varieties

There are many beautiful, whimsical colors available in chalk paint, as well as the popular neutral colors. Most chalk paint producers introduce a new palate of shades each season in their quest to stay abreast of popular trends.

Easy to Blend

The thick texture of chalk paint lends itself to blending several colors to create a unique look. Many artists use their brushes and/or spray bottles and a little water to blend several colors together giving a very aged look to their pieces. For a rustic look, a metallic patina can be achieved using certain products. A texturing powder can also be added for giving an aged look. Two or more colors can be mixed together to get a unique, one of a kind look. The list of items that are being chalk painted is endless, as is well as the variety of looks and styles.

Variety of Finishes

A glaze and/or a wax can be used to emphasize the unique details of the piece. There are many colors available in the glazes and waxes. Wax can be used not only to emphasize the details of the piece but to seal and protect the finish. More durable pieces need a clear coat, including matte, semi-gloss, or a glossy finish. Chalk paint also be used in a sprayer, but needs to be thinned out slightly.


Kitchen and bathroom cabinets look great when redone with chalk paint. Make sure the cabinets have been cleaned extremely well, especially for kitchen cabinets. Any residual grease will affect the quality of the final product. Most chalk paint lines have their own cleaner and prep products for your use. The color and finishing options are endless, allowing you to get a customized look.

One Coat to Cover

Most projects require several coats of chalk paint, although it is possible that one coat will give you the look and coverage that you are seeking. The final treatment such as the glaze or wax, and whether or not you use a clear coat will affect the longevity of the finish. It can be used for high traffic areas and high use furniture with very good results. After giving it a try you may find yourself in love with the possibilities chalk paint will give you.


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