Treat Yourself with Recipes for National Cookie Day


For over 30 years, December 4th, known as National Cookie Day, has been a day to celebrate the remarkable versatile bakery confection we know as the cookie. There are ten classifications of cookies.
• Bar cookies
• Drop cookies
• Fried cookies
• Molded cookies
• No-bake cookies
• Icebox cookies
• Rolled cookies
• Sandwich cookies
• Sliced cookies
• Macaron cookies

Join the fun and create a cookie from each classification. There are tens of thousands of cookie recipes available from around the world. Here are some ideas for your Cookie Day celebration.

Bar Cookies

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars
The timeless classic chocolate chip cookie is made simpler when baked in a bar form. The timeless recipe can be updated with salted caramel, peanut butter, toffee, or even butterscotch chips.

Glazed Cappuccino Bars
Chocolate chip bars with and expresso powder and butter glaze. For an added unique flavor substitute rum extract for the vanilla.

Apple Pie Bars
America’s favorite apple pie recreated into a cookie. Use a sugar cookie recipe, then press it in a pan and smother with tasty old-fashioned homemade apple pie filling.

Pumpkin Spice bars
Oatmeal shortbread cookie dough with pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin butter crumble to top these delicious bar cookies.

Drop Cookies

Triple Chocolate Drop Cookies
Pull out your small ice cream scoop, cocoa powder, milk chocolate chips, and unsweetened baking chocolate and treat your friends and family to a chocoholic sensation.

Brownie Drop Cookies
Flavors of Baker’s German sweet chocolate are found this American favorite brownie cookie.

Peanut Butter Drop Cookies with a Kiss
The iconic drop cookies with a chocolate kiss or star. Melt in your mouth peanut butter finished off with smooth chocolate.

Fried Cookies

Deep-Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies
The all-American chocolate chip cookie just got better. It was sent to the deep fryer and came out delicious.

Rosette Cookies
This light-buttery Scandinavian cookie is sure to win your heart.

Molded Cookies

Peanut Butter Sugar Cookies
A scrumptious molded cookie is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Chocolate Cherry Madeleines
The light buttery cookie French cookie. Are inspired by a buttery sponge cake with the combination of sweet cherries and a swirl of dark chocolate. Whip-up some madeleines and make yourself a nice hot cup of tea.

No-bake Cookies

Classic No-Bake Cookies
Chocolate, peanut butter, sugar, oats, milk, cocoa, and butter. Simple ingredients, but these cookies are packed with rich flavor and great texture.

Chocolate Chip No-Bakes
The classic chocolate chip cookie has a no-bake cousin. This soft and straightforward variety of cookie melts in your mouth.

Icebox Cookies

Toffee Butter Icebox Cookies
Toffee Butter Icebox Cookies are mom-approved, and kids love them.

Checkerboard Cookies
These fun-loving cookies are a party sensation. Their checkerboard pattern is always a hit and the talk of a party.

Rolled Cookies

Cinnamon Roll Cookies
Enjoy the taste of a warm, chewy cinnamon roll without waiting for the dough to rise. These cinnamon roll cookies are sure to win your taste buds and your heart.

Butter Roll Cookies
This is a buttery flavored cookie that melts in your mouth. These rolled cookies can be topped with sour cream frosting for a sensational cookie.

Sandwich Cookies

Root Beer Float Cookies
Root beer is one of America’s favorite beverages. What is your favorite root beer memory? Serve up these root beer float cookies and make new memories with your family and friends.

Whoopie Pie Cookies
Soft chocolate cake-like cookie with a host of fillings. You can fill your whoopie pie cookies with peanut butter, vanilla cream, strawberry, orange cream, pineapple cream, or any other filling you can think of; the list goes on. It is time to make some whoopie pie cookies to share with your loved ones.

Sliced Cookies

Green Tea Chocolate Sugar Cookies
Grab yourself a package of the Asian-favorite green tea called matcha. Matcha green tea is packed with healthy antioxidants. Celebrate the National Cookie day by adding an extra dose of antioxidants to your diet.

Almond Shortbread
Shortbread is such a comfort cookie. The light, buttery flavor and soft texture are a winning combination. Make a date for tea with this delicious shortbread cookie.

Macaron Cookies

Almond Macarons
This light, airy, and nutty flavored cookie is suitable for any occasion. It melts in your mouth and leaves your taste buds asking for more.

Strawberry Champagne Macarons
This cookie is sophisticated and sends the message of love. The combination of rose wine and fresh strawberries is sure to win the hearts of all the people you share it with.

Cookie are the perfect ten with their various classifications and tens of thousands of recipes. Pay tribute to the versatile cookie on National Cookie Day. This classic bakery confection has served our sweet tooth for years, so pay it some respect on its special day.


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