National Cheese Pizza Day


When you pick up tonight’s dinner, chances are pizza just might cross your mind. In fact, it’s a safe bet that you’ve had at least a slice or two in the not-so-distant past. With so much love for this easy to fix and even easier to eat dish, there’s no wonder that National Cheese Pizza Day is real. Today, put the junk food down and pick up a slice of what has become a billion dollar industry in the US.

Why Do We Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day?

Everyone has their favorite toppings, but somehow cheese pizza always makes it to the top of the favorites lists. After all, who doesn’t love a good cheese pizza? Under any topping sits that ooey gooey bit of deliciousness that somehow just makes the meal complete. When it comes to celebrating a pizza, cheese pizza also deserves the utmost respect for settling those arguments over toppings that everyone has at a party, event, or just sitting around with family and friends.

Are All Cheese Pizzas The Same?

No, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. More then just the crust you use, the type of pizza goes much farther than that. Of course, one of the most popular choices is a red tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese as the topping. From there, it gets interesting(and very creative). White sauces are nothing new, but they are not always the first choice with consumers. These delicious choices usually feature a creamy white sauce in addition to white cheeses along with a sprig or two of fresh herbs.

Cheese pizza doesn’t stop at the basic red and white sauces; instead, a new challenger has arrived in the form of specialty pizzas. Both flavorful and fun, they’re a great way to shake up the holiday celebration. Nothing showcases this concept better than the invention of macaroni and cheese pizza. Bringing cheddar into the creamy sauce and sprinkled with macaroni pasta, it highlights the spirit of creativity that comes along with every pizza aficionado.

Delicious Deals For Everyone

If it’s National Cheese Pizza Day, it’s your opportunity to take advantage of some great deals on your favorite brands. Most of the top national chains are getting involved with mouthwatering specials that will have you celebrating the day in style. Check online-only deals or stop by a location near you to learn about regional specials that highlight the big day. Some may even offer carryout versus delivery deals that save you money as well as time waiting on a driver.

Delivery and carryout options are far from the only way to take advantage of the event. Restaurants that focus on pizza buffets are giving customers something to smile about with lunch as well as dinner themed discounts; in addition to several types of cheese pizzas already on the menu. Restaurants that cater to the young and young at heart also brought in customers with coupons or deep discounts in everything from pizza to game tokens.

Think outside the pizza box when it comes to specials tied to the celebration. Last year saw some specialty chains with a reputation for breakfast step into the mix. Selected cities got the chance to have a large pancake delivered to their door via certain delivery services; anyone who took them up on the offer even got their own keepsake pizza box complete with logo. No word yet on whether that tradition will continue for this year’s event.

How To Celebrate At Home

Want to skip the restaurants and delivery? There are some great ways to bring the holiday home without setting foot out of the front door. Get the family and friends together for a pizza making party that is sure to please. Since it is National Cheese Pizza Day, stick with the best cheeses from around the world. Four cheese toppings offer a great blend and can include the four flavors you love. Make the crust by scratch or pick up dough that is ready to be cooked. Of course, sauces matter so choose both red and white sauces to fit any taste sensation.

Set ingredients up like a buffet and get everyone in on the fun as they make up mini pizzas. Cook in your very own oven or go out to the grill for a special flavor. While ovens with pizza stones are still the best way to cook any cheese pizza, grilling has become a popular choice also. If you have a choice, go for the charcoal method over grilling and make sure to put the pizzas directly on the surface for the best flavor.

As always, you can play up the theme with special decor or games that are unique for the day. After the party’s over, get your own pizza boxes for guests to bring home any leftovers. The kids and adults can even decorate the box while they’re waiting for their pizzas to cook; not a bad way to make a National Cheese Pizza Day memory.

A More Few Facts About Your Beloved Cheese Pizza

-The average slice of cheese pizza ranges between 150 and 200 calories depending on the cheese  and some other ingredients used.

-Mozzarella is the most commonly used type of cheese, but others may prefer Parmesan or Ricotta instead.

-It’s estimated that an adult will eat around 50 slices of pizza a year; no word on whether that’s cheese or extra toppings.

-New Years Day and Super Bowl Sunday rank as the top days for pizza orders across the country.

-Pizza is a billion dollar industry in the United States, with cheese being one of the most ordered toppings.

-West Virginia and Delaware eat the most pizza of any state but Norway beats the entire United States in pizza consumed per year.

-There are over 61,000 pizzerias currently operating in the United States.

-Thin crust cheese pizza is still favored over thick crust or deep dish options among orders and frozen pizza purchases.


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