Fun Hot Dog Recipes


It’s easy to prepare a hot dog meal for your family with a variety of toppings. However, sometimes this can be an ordinary and plain meal that lacks flavor and creativity. Fortunately, there are a few recipes that can elevate this simple meal and make you question if you’re still really just eating a hot dog.

Hot Dog Pizza

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Combine two of the family’s favorite dishes into one by making a pizza with hot dogs. Flatten pizza dough on a sheet pan so that you can spread the other ingredients on top. This is where you can get creative. Use chili as the sauce. Then, place cut pieces of hot dogs on top of the chili. Top it with shredded cheese and other items that you would normally enjoy on a hot dog. Bake the pizza until the dough is done.

Chicago-Style Tortilla Hot Dog

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One of the recipes that takes away some of the carbs that are associated with the bun while still delivering a lot of flavors is a tortilla that’s turned into a Chicago-style dog. Grill your frankfurter before putting it in the center of the tortilla. You can add any ingredients that you want, but try to use those that are often found on a Chicago dog, such as onions, cheese, peppers, and pickle spears.

Corn Dogs

Instead of using the bun, dip hot dogs in cornbread batter. Deep fry them before putting them on a stick and you’ve got a delicious corn dog. You can cut the meat into small pieces to make mini corn dogs that are a nice treat for children. Use a variety of dipping sauces for your corn dogs, such as honey mustard, BBQ sauce, etc. Another way to make this dish is by putting the corn dog batter in cupcake liners. Add small pieces of hot dogs before baking for a corn dog cupcake.

Hot Dog Casserole

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If you’re trying to find a way to use hot dogs while also making a meal that is filling, then consider corn dog casserole. This is a meal that’s similar to a traditional corn dog, but it’s not on a stick. Prepare corn dog batter, and put it in a deep dish so that you can add other ingredients. Place a layer of small pieces of hot dogs across the top of the batter. You can then add shredded cheese, onions, and a small amount of mustard before baking until the cornbread is done.

Mummy Dogs

Wrap individual hot dogs in crescent rolls to make them look like they are mummies. Leave a small space between the crescent roll at one end of each of the hot dogs. Bake the mummies until the crescent dough is done. When you remove them from the oven, you can add Parmesan string cheese to make it look like the bandages are unraveling and two dots of ketchup or mustard for eyes.

Hot Dog Sliders

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When you think of a slider, you probably think of small hamburgers. You can also make sliders from hot dogs that are cut into small pieces. Start out by grilling your hot dogs which tends to make them a bit more flavorful. After, you’re going to cut hamburger buns in sizes to match the hot dogs, or you can use smaller slider buns. You can top the sliders with traditional toppings, such as relish, mustard, or ketchup. You could also make a mango and pineapple salsa for a fun and different flavor. This is a dish to consider for barbecues in the summer months.

Campfire Hot Dog Favorites

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You’ve probably heard of foil packs that include everything from steak and potatoes to eggs and bacon. Well you can add hot dogs to your foil packs too. Mix in sliced hot dog pieces with potato wedges and shredded cheese before placing the packs over an open fire. Other ingredients that you could add include chili, onions, peppers, and more. Anything you might find appetizing could be added to the mix.

Sloppy Joe Dogs

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Prepare your hot dogs as you normally would. Instead of putting traditional toppings like ketchup or sauerkraut, put sloppy Joe sauce on top of your hot dogs. Add some chopped onion, shredded cheese, and even a few slices of jalapeno peppers for a different kind of sloppy Joe meal.

Hot Dog Pie

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If you want a meal that’s hearty and that can be served any time of the year, then make a pie with your hot dogs. This might not sound appetizing, but after it comes together, everyone will be asking for seconds. Put slices of hot dogs, chili, and onions into a deep dish pie shell. Top the pie with shredded cheese or slices of cheese, creating a design as you would with a traditional pie. Bake until the crust is golden brown.


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