Delicious Cheesecake Recipes


Cheesecake is one of those great dessert staples that never goes out of style. Maybe it’s that delicious crust or those incredible toppings; whatever it is, this stuff is the kitchen-equivalent of the Mona Lisa. So, you think you’ve heard every recipe? Not so fast. There’s some surprising choices out there and a few traditional options that give any cheesecake a splash of creativity.

Coffee and Cream

Who doesn’t love a little coffee and cream for their dessert? This simple recipe requires a plain cheesecake. If you’re one of those cooks that wants total control over the recipe, start by making the dish using a traditional recipe. If you want to cheat a bit and buy it pre-made, that’s fine too. Either way, you’re going to need it. While you’re in the store, be sure to grab your favorite coffee flavored ice cream.

Before starting the recipe, get some glasses. These glasses can totally be up to you  and can be anything from mugs to petite dessert cups. No matter what you choose, chill them in the freezer overnight. Be sure to put a cutting knife and ice cream scoop in there as well.

Next comes the good (and delicious) part. Pull out those frosted glasses, knife and ice scoop right before serving, then get out the chilled cheesecake. Make even slices based on the size of the glass. Once a slice is ready, pull it aside and cut it into smaller cubed sizes. Don’t worry about neatness, you can get as messy as you want with this.

Now it’s time to add ice cream! Pull out that coffee ice cream and get several small scoops to cover the cheesecake already in the glass. Make sure you cover the cake fully to ensure the best flavor. After layering, drop some topping across it all. Chocolate chips or shavings blend especially well with the flavor. Serve immediately for a hit that is great on hot summer nights.

Fresh Fruit Layers

Cheesecakes are usually seen as one level structures of flavor, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, they can become a full fledged option for large parties or special events. Of course, you can tailor it to an occasion or play around with your favorite flavors. Basically, there’s just no wrong way to do this.

The method to the madness of layering is simple. Take two plain cheesecakes, cooked at home or store bought, and place them in the fridge. Let them get as cold as possible, then pull them out. This is where things get interesting.

Take each cheesecake and cut along the outer edge. You want to remove any outer crust, so take it easy as you go through this one. Take anything you remove, crumble it up and store it away in the fridge along with your freshly cut cakes.

Now, this is when you get to personalize. Pick one fresh fruit or several, there’s literally no wrong answer here. For this example, let’s try peaches and pears. Get your fresh peaches and pears, try to avoid canned, but if in a pinch go for it. Cut up both and mix them in a large bowl, add a few pinches of sugar or sugar substitute and stir vigorously. Remember those leftover bits of crust before? Get them out and add them as well. It should be a soft, but somewhat congealing mix that you’ve made. Set them away to chill as well.

After a few hours, take out the cakes and fruit mixture. Place one of the cheesecakes on a baking sheet or cake stand. Next, pour half of the fruit and crumb concoction across the top of the cake. This is not a time to worry about making a mess, so go for it. If something oozes over the side, all the better.

Once that’s done, take the other cheesecake and flip it over. Place it on top of the previous layers with the crust facing up. Settle all of it in and pour the remaining fruit mixture across the top. Make sure juices and crumbs fall along the sides. This should be sloppy and satisfying! When it’s time to serve, be careful to retain the layered look. Plate it with fun accents such as fruit wedges or zests. If you have any syrups such as those used in flavored drinks, they can also be a fun swirl for both the slice itself and the dish.

Putting together a gourmet level cheesecake doesn’t take a lot of effort. In fact, you can surprise everyone with creations that they’ll swear came from a gourmet bakery. So, get started on these treats today and become the life of the party(or your home) on the next meal.


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