Creative Hot Dog Toppings & Condiments


Everyone has had ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut or relish on their hot dogs. However, there is a variety of toppings and condiments you can put on a hot dog. Check out these fun, creative hot dog topping ideas the next time you have a cookout.

Piggy Dog

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Who says you can only eat one kind of meat at a time? Top your hot dog with pulled pork, bacon, BBQ sauce, and crushed nacho cheese chips for a crunchy, smoky take on the classic.

Banh Mi Dog

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Do you love Vietnamse banh mi sandwiches? Then you’ll love this fresh, flavorful dog. Topped with shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, spicy mayonnaise, and a few mint leaves, this makes your hot dog taste a little lighter.

Pizza Dog

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If you’ve got a craving for junk food, this is the hot dog for you. Top your frank with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and a smattering of oregano. You’ll never have to choose between pizza and hot dogs again!

Brunch Dog

Is there anything that doesn’t taste better with a fried egg on top? Make your hot dog a little fancy by adding some fresh arugula, blue cheese, garlic aioli, and a fried egg to feel like you’re at the most exclusive brunch restaurant in town.

Reuben Dog

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Fans of the classic Reuben sandwich will love the Reuben dog. With pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, this dog becomes elevated from kid’s fare to a deli classic.

Peachy Dog

When eaten plain, hot dogs can seem bland. Brighten your hot dog up with some fresh produce. Create your own peach salsa with fresh peaches, cilantro, and chopped jalapenos, then pile it on your dog. The sweet and spicy flavors work perfectly with the salty frankfurter.

Poutine Dog

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Who says fries have to be on the side? Make the favorite French-Canadian dish portable with this topping idea. Pile French fries, brown gravy, and creamy, squeaky cheese curds onto your hot dog for pure comfort food.

Pimento Dog

Put some South in your mouth with this recipe. Slather some pimento cheese (a creamy, slightly spicy Southern condiment) on your hot dog to add some bold flavor. After trying it once, you might never go back to your regular condiments again!

Cubano Dog

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This next dog puts a spin on the classic Cuban sandwich. Add ham, pickles, Swiss cheese, and spicy mustard to your frank for a burst of flavor. You will definitely come back for more.

Mediterranean Dog

For those who love crunch, this hot dog is topped with a crisp red cabbage slaw. It’s the perfect contrast to a creamy tahini-yogurt sauce. These fresh Mediterranean flavors will make you think you’re at Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club in Greece.

Jalapeno Popper Dog

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If you are the kind of person devours a whole tray of jalapeno poppers at parties, you will love this recipe. Smear some cream cheese onto your hot dog, wrap it in bacon, and top it off with some sliced jalapenos. Ole!


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