Colorful Rainbow Recipes


Spring is the time of year that abounds with beautiful colors. Spring rains provide not only a lush landscape but magical rainbows across the sky. What a wonderful way to celebrate with colorful dishes to match the season. Nature provides us with fruits and vegetables imbued with a palette of hues that not only look delicious but give us a hint of the vitamins and minerals they carry within.

Knowing that we have the option to design dishes that are beautiful to look at as well as healthy to eat should tease our creative side to show off what fun we will have at meal and snack time. Here are some recipes to get you started.

Marinated Rainbow Slaw

This may be the easiest way to get the kids to eat raw vegetables. This slaw would also be a great hit at cookouts and potlucks.

Marinade Ingredients
• raw local honey
• fresh lime juice
• raw apple vinegar
• ground cumin
• sea salt
• ground pepper
• olive oil

Slaw Ingredients
• shredded red cabbage
• grated carrot
• thinly sliced green onions
• sugar snap peas, sliced
• red pepper
• yellow pepper
• chopped cilantro

Marinade Directions
1. In a jar with a lid, add vinegar, honey, lime juice, ground black pepper, cumin, and sea salt.
2. Place lid tightly on the jar and shake vigorously until all ingredients have blended.
3. Remove lid and slowly add olive oil.
4. Stir lightly to mix.
5. Replace lid and set aside.

Slaw Directions
1. On a cutting board, cut the vegetables into bite-size or minced pieces.
2. In a large bowl, blend the prepared vegetables together.
3. Give the marinade a final shake.
4. Pour the marinade over the vegetables.
5. Toss to coat all of the vegetables with the marinade.
6. Sprinkle the chopped cilantro on top of the slaw mixture.
7. Cover a chill until time to serve.

Over The Rainbow Parfait Smoothie

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What a great nutritious snack that can be made ahead of time. Make each layer separately, store each in a covered bowl, chill, and layer when ready.

Purple layer
• blueberries
• Greek yogurt

Green layer
• kiwis
• spinach

Yellow layer
• pineapple
• coconut milk

Orange layer
• orange
• banana
• raspberry

Red layer
• raspberries
• pomegranate juice
• strawberries

1. The easiest way is to put the ingredients for each color mixture into its own bowl.
2. Using an electric hand blender, puree each color separately.
3. Cover each bowl and chill.
4. Chill parfait glasses.
5. When ready to serve, starting with the purple, drop spoon the layers from the edge of the glass to the middle. This will help achieve a nice, even layered look.
6. Serve with a paper straw and a fruit garnish on the rim.

Delicious Rainbow Vegan Skewers

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When warm weather hits, it is time to uncover the grill. These veggie skewers taste awesome. Since the grill is being lighted, start out with cooking some barbecue boneless chicken breasts marinated in pickle juice.

Vinaigrette Ingredients
• olive oil
• white balsamic vinegar
• minced garlic
• sea salt
• freshly-ground black pepper

Vegetable Ingredients
• cherry or grape tomatoes
• red bell pepper
• orange bell pepper
• yellow squash
• yellow bell pepper
• zucchini
• green bell pepper
• large red onion
• purple potatoes

Vinaigrette Directions
1. Place all the ingredients into a mason jar with a lid.
2. Seal and shake until blended.
3. Set aside

Vegetable Preparation Directions
1. Core and chop the bell peppers into bite-size pieces.
2. Cut the two types of squash in half and into chunky bite size pieces.
3. Peel the onion, cut in half and then quarter.
4. Half the purple potatoes.
5. Heat a large pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil.
6. Place the prepared potatoes in the hot water.
7. Boil for about 10 minutes until they are fork tender but not mushy.
8. Drain the potatoes and place in a bowl.
9. Add the rest of the prepared veggies to the bowl.
10. Sprinkle with the vinaigrette and toss until the veggies are coated.
11. Cover and chill for at least 10 minutes to 8 hours.
12. If you are going to use wooden skewers, soak them in water before putting on the vegetables.
13. Using rainbow colors as a guide, thread the veggies onto the prepared skewers.
14. Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and sea salt.
15. Over medium heat on the grill, place the veggie skewers on an oiled grate.
16. Grill for about 10 – 15 minutes, turning once.
17. When done, remove from the grill and serve.

Sweet Citrus Rainbow Fruit Salad

Everyone loves a fresh fruit salad especially the kids. This recipe will become a refreshing family favorite.

• fresh strawberries
• fresh pineapple
• fresh blueberries
• red grapes
• kiwis
• mandarin oranges
• ripe bananas

Honey Lime Dressing
• honey
• fresh lime zest
• fresh lime juice

1. Using a small bowl, mix together lime juice, honey, and lime zest.
2. Set aside,
3. Cut in half the strawberries and grapes.
4. Slice the kiwi in half and spoon out the fruit meat from the skin.
5. Chop the kiwi into small pieces.
6. Peel the mandarin orange, pull the slices apart, and cut in half.
7. Wash the fresh blueberries and drain.
8. Peel the banana and dice.
9. Place all the fruit into a large bowl.
10. Add the honey citrus dressing to the fruit, mixing well.
11. Cover and chill.
12. Toss again before serving.

Rainbow Veggie Ham Sandwich

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This is a hearty but refreshing sandwich that packs a flavorful punch. Choose your favorite deli ham or use leftovers.

• baguettes
• purple cabbage, thinly sliced
• pickled carrots
• pickled yellow radish
• cilantro
• lettuce
• tomatoes, thinly sliced
• deli-sliced Ham

Hoisin-Mayo Spread
• mayonnaise
• hoisin Sauce
• sriracha

Pickling Liquid
• water
• granulated sugar
• distilled white vinegar

Hoisin Mayo Spread
1. Blend ingredients together in a small bowl.
2. Cover and chill.

Pickling Directions
1. Using a small pot, mix together pickling ingredients over low heat.
2. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
3. Allow cooling.

Preparing Veggies
1. Thinly slice the carrots and radish with a vegetable peeler.
2. Place carrots and radish into a glass jar with lid.
3. Pour the cooled pickling solution into the jar making sure the veggies are covered.
4. Chill for at least two hours.

Building The Sandwich
1. Cut open the baguettes and remove the center to create a hollow middle.
2. Cut cabbage and tomato into thin slices.
3. Coat the inside of the prepared bread with the mayo spread on both top and bottom inside.
4. Begin by layering the cabbage, cilantro, and pickled radish.
5. Add picked carrots, tomato slices and top with ham slices.
6. Cover with the other bread slice.
7. Plate and serve.


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