Cheesy Ways to Celebrate National Cheddar Day


It’s one of the cheesiest, best days of the year; National Cheddar Day! We’ve got some of the cheesy ways you can celebrate this special day. Lactose intolerant individuals might want to avert their eyes.

National Cheddar Day History

Can you imagine a world without cheese? The special kind of cheese called cheddar hit the streets in the village of Somerset, England in the 12th century. Cheddar accounts for a little more than a third of all the cheese sold in the US, but over half of the cheese sales in the UK. This holiday is relatively new to the world. Tillamook, a maker of cheddar, founded the day on February 13, 2019. This was in celebration of their 110th birthday. The company prides themselves on producing natural, high quality dairy products.

For The Love Of Cheddar

People seem to simply love cheddar cheese. It deserves its own day because people stuff it in casseroles, on crackers and even eat it straight off the block. Americans eat about ten pounds of cheddar cheese a year. Most people love the addition of taste it lends to all kinds of food and different meals. Many people will say cheddar just makes everything taste a little better.


You can’t really go wrong with nachos as long as you include the staples of cheese and chips. Some people even love to go wild and add things like pepperoni, fried eggs and/or crab meat to their nachos. A base layer of chips covered in cheddar then toppings piled high make any kind of nachos melt in your mouth.

Charcuterie Plate

Get a little trendy with a charcuterie plate. The essentials are cheese and meat. Stuff it with cheddar cheese then just go crazy without whatever else you want; nuts, crackers, are just a few other options you can add. You can even throw in some chocolates. You can make your own type of lunchable. You can put all sorts of veggies and fruits on the plate. Make sure you share it with your friends.

Mini Cheese Balls

Make some appetizing mini cheese balls with cheddar. They’re perfect for sharing with friends, too. You just combine cheddar, cream cheese, bacon, pecans, onions, ranch dressing mix, and spices for the perfect ball of yumminess. You can make a regular size cheese ball one as well, but the mini ones are just too cute.


Don’t get fondue mixed up with queso. You can add veggies and spices making fondue the most fun, tasty creation for dipping your favorites. You don’t just have to use use cheddar. Feel free to add Gouda or Swiss for some variety and kick. Fondue usually takes about 35 minutes to be ready.

Cheddar Ale Soup

A gooey soup in February on a cool day seems perfect to the taste buds. Cheddar ale soup combines all of this in one meal. It’s all about the goodness of cheese, a big bottle of ale, cream, and milk. Serve it with a warm sandwich or bread for dipping.

Mac N’ Cheese

This gooey goodness is a comfort food for many people. Macaroni and cheese made with fresh pasta and cheddar is perfect for all ages. You can use as much cheese as you feel. Mix it with flour and a bit of milk then pour it on your baked pasta. If you want a twist, mix your cheesy concoction with any kind of meat. Bacon bits and bread crumbs are also a fun addition.


Queso is a fancy way to eat melted cheese. You can’t just eat it alone. It’s best to mix that cheddar queso with chiles, meat, sour cream, and peppers. You can dress it up however you feel. Get some bread and chips to dip in and you’re good to go. You can also pour it over burritos, and really, any other food.


Any excuse to eat pizza is a good one. You can order some cheese pizzas topped with your other favorites or you can make your own from scratch. The best thing about pizza is you can be your own chef. Go wild with toppings. You can do a four cheese pizza. You can do one topped with anchovies and pepperoni. You can even top it with chicken and spinach. As long as you have a base of bread, cheese and tomato sauce, you’ve got the start of an amazing dinner pizza.

Grilled Cheese

One of the best ways to celebrate a day all about cheddar is to grill a cheese sandwich. The grilled cheese sandwich is about as easy of a sandwich as you get with bread, butter and cheese. You can put a fried egg, meat and/or veggies on your grilled cheese sandwich as well. Many people have all sorts of twists and turns to make a special grilled cheese sandwich. Melted cheese on hot bread tastes yummy any way you approach it.

Share The Love

You must share the love of National Cheddar Day with the hashtag #NationalCheddarDay on social media. Have a party, and get everyone to bring their favorite cheesy foods. Have a cook-off if you want. Enjoy time with loved ones being extra cheesy for the day.


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