8 Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes You Need to Make


The ice cream sandwich is a classic for a reason. After all, what could be better than ice cream stuffed between two sweet treats? All you need to create the ice cream sandwiches of your fantasies is some ice cream, something to sandwich the ice cream with, and a little bit of time. They can be as easy as slapping together two piece of cakes or cookies from a box mix and pre-made ice cream. However, you can also go full gourmet by making the ice cream and sandwiching treats yourself.

We’ll walk you through seven of the easiest recipes and one more intricate recipe from scratch so you can make ice cream sandwiches regardless of your chef skills or schedule.


The secret to ice cream sandwiches in a snap is using your favorite cookie or cake mix and a pint or gallon of ice cream from the grocery store. Instead of taking the time to portion out individual cookies or cakes, simply smooth out your cookie dough or cake batter onto a 9×13 baking sheet. Cookies prepared in a 9×13 pan typically bake in a 350º oven for ~20-30 minutes. Consult the directions of your cake mix’s box for its baking temperature and time.

After your cookies or cake have cooled, you can then cut them into bars of any size you like. Slather on some softened ice cream in between, and you’ve got yourself an ice cream sandwich. You can use this bar method to create nearly all of the six recipes below. Simply follow the equations for ice cream sandwich bliss.

1. Salted Caramel

Salted caramel cookie mix + vanilla ice cream
If you’re a sweet and salty lover, this one’s for you. Bake your favorite salted caramel cookies, cut them into bars, and spoon some vanilla ice cream in between. As an added treat, top the ice cream with a drizzle of caramel sauce and sprinkle on a touch of sea salt before squishing it between your cookie bars.

2. Neapolitan

Sugar cookie mix + chocolate cookie mix + strawberry ice cream
This ice cream sandwich is great for hosting as it makes a large amount. You’ll need two 9×13 pans to make the sugar cookie and chocolate cookie bars separately. Assemble the sandwich by putting down one of the cookie bars first, smoothing on the strawberry ice cream, and then topping with the other cookie bar. To save time, pop out the sheet of cookies intact, assemble, and cut into bars at the end.

3. Strawberry Shortcake

Pound cake + vanilla ice cream + strawberries
If you can buy some premade pound cake at the store, this recipe can be as easy as it gets. Slice up your loaf, and slice up some strawberries. Then, allow the sliced strawberries to set in a bowl with a spoonful or two of sugar for around thirty minutes. This will get the fruit’s tasty juices flowing. Layer a slice of pound cake, scoop of vanilla ice cream, spoonful of strawberries, and another slice of pound cake. Voila!

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter cookie mix + vanilla or chocolate ice cream
This ice cream sandwich is best when you roll the edges in crushed peanut butter cups. You can use either chocolate or vanilla ice cream as the filling between your two peanut butter cookie bars. Of course, a drizzle of melted smooth peanut butter over top wouldn’t hurt.

5. Brownie Mint Chocolate Chip

Brownie mix + mint chocolate chip ice cream
Try this for the perfect refreshing and decadent treat. Either fudgy or cakey brownies work perfectly, so make them to the package’s directions. We recommend choosing a mint chocolate chip ice cream with harder chips to get the most textural contrast. The snap of the chocolate chips with the plush brownie is heavenly.

6. Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle cookie mix + vanilla frozen yogurt
Cinnamon and vanilla is a delightful combination. Swap out vanilla ice cream for vanilla frozen yogurt in this recipe. Whereas traditional ice cream is a little too sickly sweet to be combined with snickerdoodle cookie bars, the slight tartness of frozen yogurt is a perfect balance. Healthwise, it may help you feel a little less guilty too.

7. Tiramisu

Lady fingers + coffee gelato
For a grown-up, Italian take on the ice cream sandwich, try this recipe. See if you can find lady finger sponge cakes in your grocery store or local bakery. Once you have them, smooth some rich and creamy coffee gelato in between. You can roll the edges in some unsweetened cocoa powder for some extra decadence. This is a perfect dessert for any summer dinner party.

From Scratch:

8. Banana Nice Cream Sandwiches

The “nice cream” in this sandwich is made up of blended frozen bananas, giving you all the creamy sweetness of a traditional ice cream sandwich without all the guilt. Plus, it’s easily customizable meaning you can experiment with making multiple versions of this recipe.

• 5 ripe bananas
• ¾ cup of add in of choice (such as diced strawberries, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, or nut butter)
• 11 sheets of chocolate graham crackers

• Slice up bananas into rounds and arrange them in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment. Freeze for around 2 hours or until completely frozen.
• Pop your frozen bananas into a food processor and blend them until creamy.
• Fold your add in of choice into the blended bananas.
• Pour mixture into an 8×8 dish lined with parchment paper and smooth down into an even layer. Freeze again until solid.
• Using the graham crackers as a reference, cut the frozen banana mixture to size.
• Scoop out the squares, and sandwich them between two graham crackers. Enjoy!


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