Safe Driving Tips for New Year’s Eve


Party goers alike are ringing in the New Year with joy and flare, reveling in what the coming months will bring. But excitement can soon fade to misery if drivers fail to follow the best practices for road safety. Embrace these five driving safety tips for a peaceful celebration.


Pets are often overlooked on New Year’s Eve checklist. Make sure your pet is properly housed and fed. Never leave your pet outdoors and never lock your pet inside of a vehicle. With many states permitting the use of firearms and fireworks to celebrate the New Year, accidental injuries to animals, both domestic and wild, are on the rise.

Party Guests

Ensure that your guests are properly escorted home from your party or event. Carpooling, ride-sharing, hotel shuttles, and private transportation services are ideal. You can also have pre-established arrangements with taxi companies to deliver guests safely to their homes. The goal is to have a fuss-free solution to safe driving on New Year’s Eve, not only for your relatives but also for everyone attending your celebration.

Car Safety

Think carefully about where you choose to park your car during the holiday. Statistics show that car theft spikes 120% on New Year’s Eve. This means that large and small vehicles alike are being targeted for break-ins, carjackings, and destruction of property.

Choose Wisely

Professional services like valet parking or upscale garages with paid attendants are best. Premium services provided by hotels and conference centers, are likewise a safe choice. Leaving your car parked and unattended on a random road or alleyway is high-risk behavior and should be avoided at all costs.

Dynamite-free Celebration

Fire arms and fireworks can be costly during holiday celebrations. What may seem like quick, easy fun can quickly turn into a nightmare. Each year, reports of disturbed neighbors, injured children, and adults wounded from firearm shots to the sky abound. Shun firearms and fireworks, celebrations without are not only smarter and safer but also eco-friendly, reducing carbon emissions.

Drink Responsibly

Set a goal to drink responsibly. Whether you intend to remain at home on the sofa or dance the night away, you should have a drink limit preset for the night. Knowing your limit is smart. The goal is to keep it lighthearted and fun for everybody involved. You can also elect to have a buddy system to keep drinkers safe prior to home transport.

With these time-tested tips, you’ll ring in the new year safely and delightfully, winning the respect of those in your care for the holiday festivities. Planning ahead of time saves lives and magnifies the pleasure of the party.


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