How to Make the Best Burgers


There’s nothing like a burger cooked to perfection. Since my family loves burgers. Follow the easy instructions below to make the best burgers during BBQ season.


• 2 lbs. good quality ground sirloin with at least 20% fat
• Himalayan Salt
• Pepper freshly ground
• American, Swiss or Cheddar cheese

Many chefs like to buy the meat whole and grind it themselves. This may result in a great burger, but no better than mine as long as the meat is of a good quality while making sure the fat content is between 20-30%. You cannot make a good burger with extra-lean meat. With the 2 lbs. of meat, you’ll make 6 medium to large burgers. I prefer cooking them on a charcoal grill. There is nothing in the world to compare to a charcoal-grilled burger. The method you use to make the burger is very important. Follow the steps below closely.

Preparation and Cooking

1. Prepare grill by using cooking spray or oil to ensure a non-stick surface.
2. Very cold meat is important. Put your meat in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to forming patties.
3. Dampen clean hands before touching meat.
4. Form patties of about 3/4-1-inch thick
5. Make a thumb-print in the center of each patty to ensure even cooking.
6. Place burgers on grill 6 inches from white coals.
7. After they’ve cooked on one side for the first 2 minutes, flip them.
8. Salt the side that has begun cooking. Salting before this time will only dry out the meat.
9. After another 2 minutes, flip again and salt that side of the burger.
10. Repeat process of flipping the burger every two minutes five more times. Use a cooking thermometer by inserting in the center of one of the patties. If all patties are about the same size, you only need to test one. The thermometer should read 150-degrees F. for medium-well burgers. As long as you never press down on the burgers with a spatula during the cooking process, they will be moist and delectable.
11. Add freshly ground pepper to both sides of the burger.
12. Add cheese, close grill top. Cook one more minute.
13. Take the burger off the grill, add a bun and condiments that you like, and enjoy!


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