Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding


You are getting married and want the wedding of your dreams, but you also need it to fit your budget. Here are some things that can save money on your wedding without sacrificing your vision.

Minimize The Guest List

You might be tempted to invite everyone you know to your wedding, but it is not the best idea. Keeping your guest list to your closest family and friends. This will make the ceremony more intimate and cut the costs of the ceremony.


Make your own wedding invitations by designing and printing them yourself. You can also handwrite invitations or opt to send out digital ones.

Location, Location, Location

The venue you select will effect on the price. Keep in mind any extra costs and ask what is included in the price of renting the venue. Make sure the venue is large enough to accommodate the wedding guests and members of the wedding without overcrowding them or excess space. You can even have the wedding at home or outside to save money.

Ask for Assistance Instead of Gifts

Ask your friends to use their skills at your wedding. Photographer friends can take your wedding photos. Friends who are singers or in a band can provide the entertainment as their gift to you.


Ask a friend who is skilled in the kitchen if they would be willing to cater the event for you. You can even prepare the food for the event yourself and keep more green in your wallet.

Keep Flowers to the Minimum

Avoid extravagant bouquets and aim for smaller flower bouquets for the members of the wedding party. You can also rent silk flowers or design a bouquet out of other materials in order to save money.

Stocking The Bar

It’s expensive to provide an open bar at weddings. Money can be saved by offering a signature cocktail, wine, and beer. You can also limit the time of the open bar and switch over to a cash bar.


Look for sales when you are searching for wedding decorations. You can also save money by purchasing used decorations and making some of your own. This way you can ensure that the decorations are exactly what you want while remaining in your budget.


You will have to plan ahead in order to keep your wedding within your budget. Make a list of everything that comes to mind. Go through each item one by one. The earlier you start the more time you will have to find the items you want at a reduced price.


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