Tips to Make More Green at Your Garage Sale


By Lauren Jablonski
A garage sale will put money in your wallet while getting rid of items you no longer need or want. Before you rush to put up signs, here are some tips to help you have a profitable sale.

Gather & Label Items

Scour your entire home/house for items you no longer need or want. Place like items in the same box, so when you unpack the day of your yard sale you will be organized and prepared to set up.

Create Signs

The best way to get people to know about your sale is to hang up signs around your neighborhood. Make sure that your signs are large, clear and have arrows pointing toward the direction the sale. Place signs on main roads too in order to attract more customers. Include the date and address on the sign and remember to take down all the signs when the sale is over.

Place Ads

Advertising is the best way to get the word out about your sale. Place an ad in your local newspaper and online. Some older buyers might not be as tech savvy and will search for sales listed in the paper while younger buyers are more opt to look online. Pennysaver offers a Garage Sale Rain Date Guarantee providing a free ad the following week if it rains on the date of your sale. Be sure to call and inquire about Garage Sale Packages at (631) 698-8400.

Be Flexible on Price

If you price an item too high, it might discourage someone from making a purchase. If you decide to price items, you can always tell customers that prices are negotiable in case someone wants to make an offer. If you don’t price items, you can also encourage garage sale goers to purchase a plethora of items to bundle a deal. Remember the purpose of a yard sale to get rid of items you don’t need and to make extra cash. Unless you are willing to drag all those items back into your house, be open to being flexible on price.

Have Change Ready

Make sure to have a variety of bills and coins ready to make change. Go to your bank in advance in order to be prepared, you don’t want to miss out on making a sale because you can’t give the proper change to your customer.

Keep the Money Close

Wear a fanny pack so money is always right by your side. Fanny packs are also trending this season, sling it over your chest like a runway model and look stylish as you rake in the dough.

Free Box

Fill a box with items that you are willing to give away for free and place them in your driveway to entice drivers to stop and look. Someone might pull over to snag a free item and wind up buying other items that you have for sale.

Set up a Good Display

Place your items on a table, so customers don’t have to bend down to view them or walk past a potential item that they might buy. If you do decide to place items on the ground, place a blanket, sheet or tarp on the ground so items don’t get dirty or wet. This is also a great way to quickly scoop the items off the ground if it suddenly rains. Showcase clothing items by hanging them rather than having people rummage through a box of wrinkly clothes.

Call Pennysaver to learn about Garage Sale Packages and Rain Date Guarantee, to maximize sales for a profitable yard sale. (631) 698-8400


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