Tips for a Better Beach Day With Your Kids


Taking kids to the beach is a popular activity during the warmer months. However, some families avoid it entirely because of the hassle that it can cause. In other cases, brave parents venture out to the sand, but they end up regretting the decision. Following some tips can help you to have a better beach day with the kids this season.

Pack a Bag for the Season

The preparation for the beach might be one of the reasons why you avoid it. While you’ll need to restock snacks and products when they run out, consider putting together a beach bag that will last you through the season. In other words, prepare a bag with the essentials (towels, sunscreen, beach blanket, etc.) and keep it in a space that is easy to access. Instead of feeling exhausted after doing all that packing, you can head out the door relaxed.

Book Swimming Lessons

Another stressful part of the beach is worrying about the waves and the water. Regardless of where your kids are swimming, opting for lessons can help to give you all-around greater peace of mind. Even if summer is already underway, it’s never too late to have them start their lessons now.

Enlist Help

Bringing a few kids to the beach by yourself might not seem like too big of a deal, especially when you’re used to supervising at the park or playground. However, the beach presents dangers and trials that the other spaces do not. For example, beaches are typically much larger than your average playground. Also, you have to worry about the ocean at the beach. Bringing along a relative or a friend to help watch the kids can ease some of your worries and make your beach day much more enjoyable.

Avoid Peak Times

If you arrive at the beach when many others do, you are likely to feel more constricted and overwhelmed. You also may waste a great deal of time simply looking for a place to sit. Instead of adding this extra frustration to your trip, get there before the crowds do. If waking up early in the morning sounds unappealing to the family, consider going toward the end of the day. During the hot days of summer, you should still be able to soak up the sun even when the peak time has ended.

Bring Toys

While you might want to sit on a blanket and read a book as the sun warms your body, your kids are probably not going to feel entertained by the same activities. Going to the beach without toys for the kids to play with is simply a bad idea. As you’re putting together that beach bag for the summer, make sure that you add in toys that are age-appropriate for your children.

Apply and Reapply

If your kids fight with you about putting on sunscreen, you may need to let them know that the end of beach days is near. Applying sunscreen isn’t a matter of want; it’s a necessity. Make sure you choose sunscreen of the correct strength for your family. Also, you need to reapply the product to your kids. They are likely going to be both sweating and swimming, so you should ensure that they are always protected from the sun. While you are lathering the sunscreen on the kids, don’t forget to shield yourself from the damaging rays too.

Supply Healthy Snacks

Getting an ice cream cone while on the beach is certainly fun. However, if you visit the beach regularly, you don’t necessarily want unhealthy snacks to become a part of the everyday routine. Bringing fun and healthy snacks along can help to keep your family stay full and happy both during and after the beach.

Add Water Too

In the midst of assembling everything for your trip to the beach, don’t forget about cold bottles of water for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re building sand castles or going for swims, you’ll likely feel thirsty at the end of it. Even when your kids don’t seem too interested in water, remember how serious the effects of dehydration can be. Encourage them to sit down in the shade and drink water at some point in the day.

Rinse Off

When the day is over, you’re probably eager to get back in the car and head home as soon as possible. However, think about all of the extra work you’ll have cleaning up later as the sand gets caked in your car and on even more of the kids’ belongings. Beaches typically have a spot where you can rinse off before you go home. Make a quick stop there before heading to the car so that you have lessen frustration later.

Relax at Home

If you’ve taken the kids to the beach before, you probably know that they sometimes complain when the time arrives to leave. After all of the fun that they have in the sand and in the water, it’s hard to blame them for feeling a little disappointed. To make the exit a bit less taxing, have a fun and relaxing activity planned for the time when you arrive home. Don’t plan anything too tiring as you will likely already all feel exhausted. Instead, let the kids know that once they get home, showered and changed, they can put on their favorite movie!

Whether you go to the beach many times in one season or just make it there for a few days, you know that the process can seem stressful when you have kids. Taking these tips into account should help you to have a smoother journey.


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