Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of School


The last day at school is a long-awaited holiday for students. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the end of school.

Take a Field Trip to the Next Class

Some schools offer kids the opportunity to take part in what’s sometimes known as step-up day. This is the day of the year that students who are moving from one grade to the next can go to the classroom they’ll inhabit the next year. It’s possible to get a feel for both the room itself and the teacher who will likely be in charge of it.

Have a Water Day

Schools can have a day of water-related fun on the last day of school. Water balloon fights and splashing through sprinklers and water slides can be a great way to celebrate the last day of school.

Have a Field Day

Have a fun field day and picnic on the last day of school. Some fun races and other field games can bring in a bit of friendly competition, and kids are likely to enjoy it more than sitting in a classroom waiting for the final minutes of the school year to count down. Ordering out for pizza or cooking some hot dogs can be a special treat.

Take a Field Trip

Most towns and cities have some pretty cool places to visit. There are museums in many parts of the country, and there are also sporting events that are geared toward school-aged kids. Taking advantage of these on or near the last day of the school year can be a great way to end the year on a good note.

Visit an Amusement Park

Kids and adults alike can really enjoy a day at an amusement park. Most of these parks tend to open for their summer hours around the last day of school. Some schools will take field trips to theme parks, but if you’re looking to keep your kids happy after their last day of school, a trip to ride a few roller coasters can fit the bill. Not only can you take your kids to an amusement park after the last day of school is finished, you can usually get in late in the day at a discount. It might also pay to get a season pass to keep the kids occupied during some of the long summer days.

Go to the Beach

Admittedly, this is possible only for a limited number of folks. Those who live far away from a coastline will have trouble accessing a beach on the last day of school, but if you live close to a beach, you can take your kids to catch a few rays. This can be the first of many summer trips to the beach, but getting a trip in on the last day of school can be a special touch.

Meet the Kids with Treats

If your kids ride the bus to school, you can meet them as they get off the bus the last day of school. You can show up with some of their favorite treats like cookies or cupcakes. Candy will also work. These treats can only add to the treat of getting out of school for the summer.

Have a Picnic

Meeting up with the kids after the last day of school and then going to a park can be a great opportunity for a picnic. Younger kids will enjoy spending time with their parents along with the novelty of eating at a park. Additionally, most parks have playgrounds, and the swings and slides can do much to wear out the kids before they can wear mom and dad out.

Make a Last Day of School Shirt

Another great way to make your child’s last day of school a memorable experience is giving them a shirt that commemorates the last day of school. They can wear this shirt to school and show it off to their classmates. Additionally, if you send them to school with a permanent marker, they can get their friends to sign the shirt. This could remind them of the fun they had years later.

Invite Friends Over

Another way to let the kids enjoy the last day of school is to keep them together for a few more hours. A play date can be a fun way to end the year. If you’re feeling on the adventurous side, an end-of-school sleepover can also be a way to provide memories related to the last day of school. A cookout can also work. The kids will have to eat at some point, and some burgers and dogs will be a great source of nourishment because nothing says summer like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Take a Day at the Beach

It’s not necessary to take the kids to the beach on the last day of school to have a lot of fun. Moms might want to get together to catch some rays. Couples might also want to get in some relaxation before the kids come home to begin their summer vacation.

Get a Pedicure

This one’s more likely to be fun for moms. Setting up a spa day to get a massage or a pedicure can be a great way to kick back and relax. Having kids at home 24/7 for about three months straight might not leave time for much in the way of relaxation going forward.

Go Golfing

While the moms are enjoying a spa day, the dads can hit the links. Getting a round of golf in before the kids get out of school can be a great way for dads to celebrate the accomplishments of their children. It’s also a good opportunity to get together with friends.

Whether you’re wanting to include the kids in your end-of-school celebration or you want to get away with your spouse or some friends for a few hours, it’s a good idea to have some fun with the day.


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