Celebrate Lazy Mom’s Day


It’s finally here–the day that women across the world have been waiting for. It’s officially Lazy Mom’s Day! If you’re a mom, then you know that there’s hardly anything more satisfying than shaping the lives of your children, watching them learn and grow, and experiencing the world through their eyes. However, it’s no secret, being a mom takes a lot of work.

It requires early mornings, late nights, and constant errand running. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to slow down every once in a while and recharge. Here are a few ways to break away from your everyday routine on Lazy Mom’s Day.

The Spa

What better way to kick off Lazy Mom’s Day than with a relaxing and rejuvenating trip to the spa? Rejuvenate your skin with a facial treatment. Get your blood circulating with a deep tissue massage. Have them wax the areas that you’ve been meaning to take care of but haven’t had the time. Enjoy a little aromatherapy so that you can reduce all the stress and tension that’s been building up. Finish off the trip by having your hair and nails done by professionals. The spa is the perfect environment for pampering.

A Good Book

Have you lost touch with the book nerd side of your personality? Well, it’s understandable. Reading isn’t the easiest thing to do when you have little ones who need a lot of your attention. However, on Lazy Mom’s Day, you can finally catch up on that book you purchased a long time ago and haven’t had the opportunity to read. Take a trip to the library or your local coffee shop and dive into your choice of literature. You may even choose to go shopping for a few more books that you’ve recently head about.

Catch Up With Friends

Haven’t had a chance to speak with your good friends lately? Well, today is a great day to catch up. With the extra time you have, you can discuss issues that go past your everyday chit chat and beyond the surface. You may also take this opportunity to be a little silly again. Ask your friends if they want to go shopping or out to lunch or coffee. Perhaps they’d like to visit an art gallery or attend a concert. Take this time to find out what’s new in each others’ lives.

Go to Lunch…By Yourself

Sure, catching up with good friends may be a great way to spend Lazy Mom’s Day. However, if you’ve been craving a little time to yourself, then you should consider taking yourself to lunch. If you have small children, then you know that lunchtime usually requires your making sure that they eat their food and refereeing small spats between siblings. By going to lunch by yourself, you can focus on your own meal and simply enjoy the moment. There’s nothing wrong with eating with family, but it’s always nice to occasionally eat in solitude.

Go for a Jog

Have you been slacking on your exercise regime lately? Well, who says you can’t spend Lazy Mom’s Day by exerting a little energy? If you have a love of fitness, then spend part of your day taking a nice jog. Run through scenic areas that give you a chance to enjoy nature. Jog through trails that you haven’t tried before. Or maybe you can spend part of your day at the gym that you rarely get a chance to visit these days. Jogging is a great way to increase your energy and clear your mind.

Movie Marathon

Would you like to spend the day in bed while eating all of your favorite junk foods? Well, this pairs perfectly with movie marathons. Slip-on your favorite pair of fuzzy socks and your most comfortable pair of pajamas and settle in for an entire day of watching all of your favorite movies. You may even find a few new ones to add to your list. When it comes to movie marathons, the only reason to leave your bed is to answer the door for the pizza delivery guy or grab some more snacks.


If you’re a nature lover, then you should consider spending your day picnicking. Eat your homemade lunch while watching the ripples in the lake. Bring along a few handfuls of oats so that you can feed the ducks. Do you happen to have an old fishing pole? Try casting your line a few times to see if the fish are biting today. Skip rocks across the pond. Take a nap in a shaded area, beneath a tree. The best thing about picnicking is that you can plan to stay for as long as you’d like. So go get lost in nature.


Perhaps the spa, books, friends, lunch, a jog, movies, and picnic are all a bit too overrated for you. Perhaps you simply need a day’s worth of rest. In this case, you should take Lazy Mom’s Day to catch up on your beauty sleep. Research shows that sleep can reduce stress, improve your memory, and helps your body repair itself–all things that you need when you’re a mom. And if you’re lucky, maybe your little ones won’t mind spending a few minutes cuddling with you.

Being a mom is a rewarding job. However, it’s okay to schedule a well-deserved break every once in a while. Lazy Mom’s Day is an excellent opportunity to get the rest and relaxation that you need, but don’t let this be your one and only chance to relax throughout the year. So use your imagination and plan a few activities that bring your joy and happiness. The more rested you are, the easier your job will be.


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