Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week


Small business is one of the primary drivers of our global economy. However, while many of us have our favorite small local restaurant, barber or dentist, we may overlook other ways to support local businesses. Below are some ideas for both consumers and small business leaders to celebrate.

Celebrate as a Consumer

Skip the big box store
If you need to stop to look at paint samples or have a plumbing project, drive past the big box store and head to your small local hardware store.

Think Fresh

If your local grocery chain is part of your regular routine, change things up and find a produce stand, or a farmer’s market. As a reward, you’ll enjoy food directly from the producer and get to enjoy local craftspeople and artisans selling their wares.

Write a Review

If you already have several small business establishments who’ve won your loyalty, promote them. Write a positive review and rave about these talented and dedicated professionals.

Promote Your Business

Build an Online Presence

Set up a Facebook and Intagram page so your customers can help you promote your business. Reach out to PS Digital and they’ll help you create a powerful and effective online presence.

Promote Contributions Made by Your Employees

If you’ve got a great team, celebrate them during small business week. Consider posting a photo of your featured employee for customers to see as soon as they walk in.

Get Your Name Out There

If you’re supporting local organizations including children’s sports teams or arts events by buying program advertisements, make sure your name, logo and location are prominent and consistent. Your business is a critical part of your community. Now is the time to make sure that your neighbors and next round of customers are aware of how much support you’re providing.

While it may not be possible to make all of your purchases through local and small businesses, every dollar that we spend is representative of our values and our goals for our area. With some planning and care, both consumers and small business owners can contribute to a thriving local economy.


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