Free Perks You Can Score at Your Local Library


Public libraries open up a whole realm of learning tools and face to face experiences. In addition to the wealth of books in each library, there are many other free perks associated with frequent visits to this venue. Libraries are a gold mind of opportunities; here are some amazing reasons to visit the library nearest you.


Instead of going out to the movie theater or paying to rent movies, check the titles available at your local library first. DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs are often available. Some library systems may even have VHS movies circulating. By borrowing library movies, you will save money because there is no associated cost.
If your local branch library does not have the title you seek, search the interlibrary loan catalogue and place yourself on the hold list. Get ready to borrow movies for free and enjoy them either in the comfort of your own home or stay entertained and watch them on a long road trip.
Check your local library calendar for free in house movie matinees or evening showings. These titles range from cartoons to foreign films to the latest blockbusters.


Audiobooks are a great way to learn about topics of interest or to enjoy some titles that you never got around to reading via print. Many libraries also have free downloadable and streaming eBooks that you can take advantage of.


Many libraries let you borrow CDs for free and even have the hottest top 40 artists. Some other libraries let you download music for free from the library’s website. Don’t waste money on iTunes when you can easily download albums for free.

Museum Passes

Did you know you can score free museum passes from your local library? Request to be put on a waiting list to use circulating museum passes. They will give you access to several local museums in your area. Enjoy a day with friends, family or a loved one with these free event passes.

Book Clubs

If you seek to interact with people who share a love of reading, look in to library book club. Some libraries offer online book clubs and in person book clubs. These book clubs vary in nature; some focus on specific genres of literature. Check with your local library, some clubs require registration and some do not.

Study And Meeting Rooms

If you have trouble finding quiet at home, libraries offer a peaceful sanctuary. In addition to a calm atmosphere, many libraries offer specific study rooms and meeting rooms. Study rooms are typically smaller than meeting rooms. These rooms are generally free but must be reserved in advance and are only free for non for profit activities. These areas provide a perfect space for crafting groups and book clubs organized outside of library to gather.


Many libraries offer free technology classes. These programs are typically geared toward a specific age group or focus on a specific skill or software program. Robotics and coding classes are sometimes offered. Check your local library for other free class offerings. Some workshops include music classes, sewing classes, and film studies.


In addition to regularly offered classes, libraries often host free events. These special occasions range from puppet shows, to live music and gingerbread house challenges. Other offerings include science demonstrations, opportunities to read aloud, therapy dogs, and chances to attend genealogy research lectures. Family game nights are another event offered at some locations. Libraries also often feature rotating art exhibits open to the public.

There are many ways to pursue both knowledge and recreation at your local library. If you live within close proximity to multiple locations, make it a habit to regularly check the calendar of events for all of them. Make it an adventure to visit multiple branches, and enjoy the boost to the community as well as the relief to your finances.

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