Tips for Collecting and Selling Vinyl Records


Vinyl is back! Though they may not be worth as much as you think they should be, there are still plenty of reasons for you to collect and sell records including feeding your inner music enthusiast and making extra cash flow. There are definitely a number of do’s and do not’s when it comes to acquiring, preserving, collecting and selling vinyl. Below are some helpful tips about collecting and selling vinyl.

First Off, Buy Some Records

Every record store has a different vibe and different treasures buried within the shelves. It will serve you well to get to know the store owner and sales associates as they have all of the information you need to build an impressive collection. If they’re vibing with your selections and seem to know the artists you enjoy ask them for other suggestions. Whether it’s for your personal collection or to sell to others, they can undoubtedly point you in the right direction. Take the record out and inspect it for blemishes if you are intending on selling, to ensure it’s in good condition.

What Do I Look Out For?

Once you take it out of the sleeve look and feel for deep scratches as you run your fingers along the groove of the record. If you aren’t sure of it, put it on a turntable and give it a listen to ensure its quality. If the record isn’t clean enough for you, some record stores will clean them for free and you can give it another listen.

Can I Find Quality Vinyl Outside of the Record Store?

Though it’s always recommended to check out a record in person before buying it there are plenty of online resources available that you can trust. Look in the classified section in the Pennysaver for people selling vinyls; you can score some great records and a fair price.

Clean Up

Once you have your records it’s time for some spring cleaning. You have no idea how the record was kept by those who owned it before you so do yourself a favor and clean that puppy before you put it onto the spinner or sell it. Even brand new records can have residue left over from the pressing factory and you don’t want any of that touching your needle.

Record Player

If you are looking to upgrade your rig or need to buy your first turntable, you’ve got some hard decisions to make. There are many different kinds of turntables, most of which you can find it what used to be highly unlikely places. Get turntables at a local mom and pop record store to promote local businesses and get all the information you need.

How Do I Store Them?

How you store your records it of the utmost importance. Not only because it enhances your ability to preserve your stash. Look into options from shelving units. You can even thrift store storage units or use milk crates. You can also add wheel onto the bottoms of these units to allow for an easy transfer whenever necessary.

How Much are My Records Worth?

Bring your records into the store or look at how you should price out your collection online based on the condition and popularity (or scarcity) of the artist or album. Keep in mind that a torn up sleeve and a bunch of scratches doesn’t make the record “vintage”- common misconception.

Collecting and selling vinyl is one of the most amazing hobbies you can take up. Whether you love vinyl or not, there’s no doubt that everyone loves to walk into a room with records lining the shelves.


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