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Income enhancement is a good way to live a better life, but not all jobs are equal. Those who are determined not to do the nine to five grind can now find easy ways to make extra money from the comfort of their home. If you are one of those people, keep reading to find the interesting and often lucrative ways you can stay home and still earn spending money.

Selling Stuff

De-cluttering the home has become a new way of life for many who enjoy shopping, and selling those items can net some fast cash. There are plenty of local online sites where listing an item is quick, easy and free. Facebook has an online market, but there is also Craigslist and eBay for those seeking a larger audience.

Online Searches

It is now quicker and easier to shop online before leaving the house, and Bing will pay you if you make them your default. They are a newer search engine, and they offer points that can add up to gift cards. It might not be the fastest way to earn cash, but it can become a steady income if you tend to use your search engine a lot.

Sell Other People’s Stuff

Okay, you do have to get their permission first, but it can become a lucrative way to make money from home. Many people today do not have the time or expertise to list items for sale online. They are busy commuting to work, but they want to clean out their house. When you run out of your own items to sell, offer a paid service to friends, relatives and neighbors. List their items, collect the cash and take your fee.

Pet Sitting

Anxiety at being left home alone can cause pets to have bad behavior, and one solution is to board them during the work day. Check around with friends, neighbors and relatives. If you would like a bit of extra company while at home, pet sitting could be a good option. You might even consider contacting local veterinary offices to see if they can connect you with pet owners seeking your services.

Social Media Posts

Many small business owners are maxed out trying to get their business running smoothly, but an online presence is now a commodity they should not ignore. If you love to create social media posts and have experience doing it, you could become a paid asset for several small businesses. Posts for current discounts or industry news could net a fairly steady income for those with social media experience.

Rental Parking

Metro areas often have a lack of free parking, and the prices can be excessive for commuters. If you have a driveway space that is empty during normal business hours, consider renting it out. Craigslist is often the place to find these offers, but Facebook can also be a good place to list it.

Room Rental

Staying at a hotel has become exorbitant in many areas, and people looking for a night or two have found renting a room from a private homeowner can be easier on their wallet. Listing through AirBnB has become a lucrative income for some, and even those outside metropolitan areas have found it can be a good way to make easy money without leaving home.


If having pets in your home is not quite working, check with the neighbors to see if they need babysitting. Many parents today are at work when their children get home from school, and they need a place for them to go. If you are up early in the mornings, providing a sitting service to get the neighborhood kids on the school bus could also be a lucrative option.

Online Surveys

There are many companies out there seeking opinions from those who might purchase their product, and it can be a good way to earn money from home. Signing up with them should always be free, and here are a few to get you started: Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Pinecone Research and Global Test Market. If you find these sites are a fun and easy way to make money, do a quick online search for more.

Free Gift Cards

There are many online vendors offering free gift cards, but finding them does generally mean signing up for something. When shopping online, take a look at their gift card offers, and they could become a small but steady way to make easy money from home.

Writing Reviews

YouTube has become a popular place for more than just watching funny cat videos, and some survey sites are willing to pay you to watch videos. Movie previews are included in some of the work, so checking out those online survey sites can be even more lucrative while enjoying videos for cash.

Downloading Apps

Today’s phones do just about everything, and they can even make you some easy money without leaving home. Many companies need their apps tested, and they are willing to pay. Nielsen Mobile Panel and ShopTracker Panel are two of them, so sign up if this is an interesting proposition for you.

Online Writing

For those who love to sit at their computer and write, there are plenty of paid options available. Many content mills are low paying, so try writing about something you enjoy and then sell it. Upwork has become a popular place to write articles for sale or edit for businesses that need help. They have a job board for those interested in expanding their services. Constant Content will accept articles that are already written, and you can choose your price.

Start a Blog

Passion about any subject can be a way to earn money without reporting to a workplace. For those who love to write about their favorite topic, a blog with advertising can be a good way to earn cash over time without leaving the comforts of home.

There are many ways to make easy money working from home, and it is not necessary for you to be crafty or make and sell items. If you are, that could be yet another good way to make money without the commute.


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