How to Get the Most Money for Your Used Furniture


Selling used furniture can be quite simple, but getting the highest amount of money for it can be an extreme challenge. If you have had trouble getting top dollar for your furniture, consider the five following tips to sell it with confidence and put much more money in your wallet.

Before You List It for Sale

Before listing your furniture for sale, complete the following checklist.

Compare Prices with Competitors

Browse online and see if you can find used furniture for sale that is similar to yours to get a general idea of the best listing price for your furniture. Setting the right price can be tricky. Dozens of websites and apps allow you to list your items for sale. Be careful with the way money is exchanged and how you will keep yourself safe if someone comes to your home.

Be Extremely Specific

Writing a description of your furniture is the next important step after you have decided on a listing price. A poor description will not get much interest in your item. For example, if you just write “couch for sale”, possible buyers will have no idea what they are coming to look at. Every detail is important. Just imagine that you are a buyer and what would be important to you.

What to Include in Your Furniture Description

Know what your furniture is made of. Buyers will have preferences for numerous reasons.

If you list a definitive color, a shopper will know if it will match the rest of the items in their house.

List the correct size dimensions of your furniture. Someone looking to purchase your furniture has to know if it can fit in a particular room.

Being an authentic seller is important. Don’t be afraid to say that your furniture has a scratch, ding, or tear. People will appreciate your honesty and you can also build a trustworthy reputation with other buyers if you sell furniture again in the future.

Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

People shop with their eyes. Take multiple, clear photos of your furniture in good lighting. Make sure you take pictures that are close enough and straight-on, not from a high or low angle.

Make Your Furniture Presentable

Take the extra steps to make sure your furniture looks the best it can. Expecting used furniture to be flawless is unreasonable, but you should make sure it is cleaned very well made it appear ready to be sold. You can even share with the buyer the best way to clean your furniture.

Be Patient

If you are in a rush to sell your furniture, you may miss out on getting the best price for it. A common mistake is jumping on the first bid because you might feel that another offer won’t be made. Take your time and the right buyer will eventually come. Ask your friends and family to help share your advertisement, this could be a great way to get reliable leads.

Be Realistic, But Not a Pushover

Don’t expect to get the same value for your used furniture as compared to brand new. Conversely, have an absolute minimum in your mind that you would be willing to sell it for. Be firm, but polite, and be prepared to have some negotiation.


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