6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is finally here and has come to remind you that it’s time for some good old spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can be a bit of a hassle because of rising temperatures and wind bringing in dust and pollen. With a bit of organization and tricks, you can easily conquer your spring time cleaning routine. Here are six easy spring cleaning tips to make your spring cleaning hassle free. Try them out if you are in need of speeding up your cleaning and possibly toning down its difficulty.

1. Details Make the Difference
When it comes to spring cleaning, it may sound tempting to start off with big cleaning projects. In reality, it’s the small details that make the difference when it comes to achieving a refreshing and clean look to your home. Pay attention to small details like cleaning the ceiling fan, decluttering tabletops and desks, wiping down the edges of windows and doors. If you start off big, you might overlook these small cleaning jobs. Walk around your home and try to spot the small details of your home that need cleaning. It may sound as minuscule as cleaning out your refrigerator, wiping down the microwave, or simply as cleaning the shower doors. Never limit yourself to big cleaning projects and don’t skip the small stuff. A clean home can remain a filthy one if you leave windows and ceiling fixtures ignored.

2. Set Out Separate Trash Bags
Not everything in your home goes straight to the trash. People live in a day and age where recycling is important. While decluttering your home, you may find items you don’t want to throw away at all. Set out separate trash bags for yourself and give each of them a purpose: one for trash, one for recyclables, one for donations, one for storage. Consider which items you do not need anymore, even if it was a gift. If the item has been sitting in a box for years and you have completely forgotten about it until now, then chances are you don’t need it anymore and it would be beneficial to you to throw it out. Don’t spend too much time looking at each and every item or you will be tempted to keep more items than you really need. If there are items that you no longer need and can still be used by others, consider donating them to your local thrift shop or gifting them to friends and family that might need them. You can even make a couple of bucks by sorting out the recyclables and taking them down to your local recycling center. Trade in your aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles for some extra cash.

3. Start Where It Matters Most
When it comes to spring cleaning, your entire home may become a giant project. Don’t lose yourself by starting out in a high traffic area. It’s important to start off where it matters most. Don’t focus on popular areas first or on daily chores. If you focus on these areas or chores first, then you will tucker yourself out before you even get a chance to clean other areas that need it most. Pick a spot that isn’t often used or visited in your home and start off there. Then select an area of that room to begin cleaning. A great place to start is with tabletop clutter and getting rid of items that have long overstayed their welcome. After you have cleaned out these areas of your home, you can move onto higher traffic areas that require daily cleaning.

4. Ditch the Broom
Technology is beginning to shape our world. It is time to ditch outdated and laborious ways of cleaning. Adopt a faster and high-tech approach to cleaning by investing in a vacuum. Vacuum cleaners will cut down your spring cleaning time by half, as they can be used to suck up dirt, dust off shelves, and refresh couches and upholstery. Some vacuums even have triple functions including the general vacuum settings for carpet and wood floors, and even washing and laundering carpets with soap and water. Do yourself a favor and invest in a vacuum cleaner.

5. Take it Outside
Don’t be afraid to take items and furniture outside for a deeper cleaning. Waterproof furniture will appreciate a hose-down and a deep scrubbing. Bring out any carpets or bedding that needs a beating to bring out dust mites. Hang out carpets, bedding, and pillows for some well-needed wind and sun to kill any lingering odors. Taking items outside will ensure that the dust isn’t scattered around your home and clinging onto other items. Taking them outside will also give you better cleaning options and room to work with that is not available indoors. Giving items these deeper scrub downs will also maintain a longer lifespan for them and will require less cleaning throughout the year.

6. Dusting Will Be Last
Never start cleaning out your home by beginning with dusting. Dusting should be left for last since it will quickly return when you declutter off tops and move furniture around. Save yourself the trouble of dusting twice by keeping it last on your cleaning list. Always begin with decluttering and rearranging furniture. Once you are done, you can dust off bigger items first like ceiling fans and curtains. Beginning with bigger items will ensure that you don’t cake dust onto smaller items you have cleaned already. Start from top to bottom so that dust moves downward. Don’t limit yourself to just using a hand or feather duster. Take down small centerpieces and knickknacks and use a damp rag to wipe the dust off of their resting areas and shelves.

Spring cleaning is all about organization, throwing out the old, and bringing in the new. Don’t be afraid to try out the tips and tricks found on this list. If you have asked a friend for help with your spring cleaning, share this list with them to help inform them of your newly organized cleaning plan.


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