Tips for Hosting the Ultimate BBQ


When you want to invite family members and friends to your home during the warmer months, hosting a BBQ is a great way to spend time and create new memories together. If you want to plan the ultimate BBQ, here are a few essential tips to follow to make it a hit.

Music Maestro

Music is an important part of any type of gathering. It sets the mood and allows everyone to relax. Use a Bluetooth speaker, its portable and can be placed on the deck. Create a playlist with fun summer tunes, which can play on your tablet or computer and will sync to the speaker.

Meal Planning

Creating a menu is necessary to determine which ingredients you need to shop for when you’re preparing appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Make a list of items that are easy to prepare and won’t require too much work. Stock up on cooking fuel, charcoal, and pellets to ensure that you can continue to have what is needed.
Slowly introduce each course, which will allow more of the food to be eaten and can keep everyone busy. Pork shoulder is perfect if you plan to smoke meat and want to have more options rather than hamburgers and hot dogs. It’s affordable and is easy to smoke without much effort involved. Serve with a variety of condiments and barbecue sauce flavors.

Grill Pizza

If you want to provide your guests with an alternative to meat, consider serving pizza in an outdoor oven. Guests can add their own toppings before you cook the food on the grill if you want to host a modern BBQ that has a fun twist.

Keep Cool

Plan for outside refrigeration to ensure that the drinks can stay chilled throughout the day despite the warm weather conditions. You can use a mini fridge that is plugged into an outlet outside or a few coolers to avoid having to serve warm beverages to your guests.

Toss the Trash

Many people forget to set up enough places where trash can be discarded, which can cause your tables to become cluttered with cups and plates that are left behind. Place multiple trash cans in different areas in the backyard to make the cleanup process easier and prevent your property from becoming cluttered. Recycling bins are also necessary for the empty bottles that might accumulate.

Repel Bugs

Repelling bugs are necessary to protect the food that is served and avoid having your guest bitten alive by mosquitoes. Tiki torches are useful for warding off different types of insects on the property. Candles can also be placed on some of the tables where your guests sit to create a bug-free environment. You can also repel bugs with the use of plants, like marigolds and peppermint.

Add Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is necessary to keep everyone outdoors and illuminate the setting. String lights can be hung on a patio cover or on trees to create a whimsical space that is beautiful. Lanterns that hang in different areas of the yard will also add to the appeal of the yard and will create a beautiful glow.

Plan Games and Activities

Keep children and adults occupied throughout the BBQ with games. Corn hole, croquette, and darts will prove to be fun for all ages and can keep everyone entertained.

If you have a pool on the property, welcome everyone to take a dip and swim to cool off from the heat. Set up a volleyball court in the water to encourage everyone to interact. Adding a few floats and toys in the water will allow everyone to have a good time and stay active. Be sure to have a few extra bottles of sunscreen and towels available for guests to use while spending time in the sun.

Plan the Right Drinks

There should be a variety of drinks that are available to provide your guests with options. Three-ingredient wine slushies are a festive and fun alcoholic drink to serve. Consider mixing the wine with peach and strawberry for a delicious drink that can be enjoyed poolside.

Sangria and summer cocktails are also ideal when spending time outdoors and can include blackberry mojitos and grapefruit margaritas. For kids, fill half of an empty watermelon with fruit punch for a festive and refreshing drink.

Use Decorations

Take your BBQ up a notch with decorations. Add a few oversized balloons that are fancy and create a color theme to make everything look uniform when selecting the tablecloths and plates. Add succulents and fresh flowers to the centerpieces of the tables.


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