DIY Winter Wreath Projects


It’s time for cocoa, carols, and winter crafting! What better way to get into that festive feeling than to break out the hot glue sticks and colorful felt. Get those creative, wintry juices flowing like eggnog in your favorite Christmas mug, it’s time make some holiday wreaths!
When most people think of a wreath, they visualize green fir branches in a circle, with a festive red ribbon and jingle bells. While this “traditional” kind of Christmas wreath is a lovely idea, there are so many options to consider. Below are some DIY winter wreath projects that will add holiday flair to your home.

Natural/Neutral Colors

One of the many reasons why winter is loved is because of the changes in nature it brings. Depending on where you live, there’s bright white snow, colorful cardinals, and brown trees. Use some rustic and chic burlap and a few brown buttons scattered throughout your wreath. You can even make a wreath of pine cones or nuts. Other neutral tones, such as tan, white and off-whites, can look amazing as well. Add some cream colored flowers on a soft, dusty brown back drop or beige with several softly colored flowers of greens, pinks, and blues. If you’re looking for a natural wreath, use small sticks and little branches to set the frame of your wreath, with a pair of nesting birds adorning it. Add a few feathers to tie the look together.

Break the Mold

Maybe you’re tired of the same old circle wreath design. Consider a square, star or heart-shaped wreath or you can stack some circle wreaths to create a snowman.

Removable Decor

Perhaps you already have a simple wreath that’s perfect for all seasons, give it a special wintry touch. Use pins or clips to add decorations that are easily removable. You can even purchase yourself plain clips and glue your own decorations on them. Get a small clip and glue some holly berries with little evergreen needles and/or birds, trees, critters and leaves. When spring rolls around, replace the festive holly berries with pink flowers or little blue birds

Extra Scarves

Many of us tend to have scarves that we bought but never wore and probably never will. So what to do with those poor, neglected pieces of fashion? Turn them into the beautiful center of attention they deserve. Take a scarf and wrap it round the wreath frame, it’s the perfect way to welcome friends into your home.

Let it Snow

Make a snowy wreath using yarn pom pom snowballs or Styrofoam balls covered in glitter. Use puffy yarn to wrap around the frame with little trees dipped in white sparkles. You can also add shades of blue and flowers in varying shades of blue and grey. A bright red cardinal in the snow can also lasts the whole winter season.

Don’t let traditional wreaths become the only thing you have, un-holster that hot glue gun and make something that shows off your creative passions.


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