The Best Mix of Cheeses to Put On Your Pizza


We all drool when we see cheese melting on the pizza along with our favorite toppings. More people are experimenting with ingredients including various mixes of cheeses. Try the mixes of cheeses below to create a new unique taste sensation.

The Classic Cheese Mix

Well, we simply cannot start listing our favorite cheeses without acknowledging mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella contains a lot of water and it has an elastic component that makes it perfect for a pizza going into a hot oven. It does not blister and tends to stretch and melt under the scorching heat.

Alongside mozzarella, another common cheese added to our classic cheese mix is cheddar. There are lots of types of cheddar and normally a chef or cook will use a cheddar cheese sourced locally. Often the cheddar is colored a vibrant orange and is also elasticized like the mozzarella so when it is cooked it gives the pizza a unique texture.
Provolone, the third classic cheese is a semi-hard Italian cheese that can be blended with all of the other cheeses and offers quite a sweet taste and a different sort of creamy texture. People all over the world scramble to eat this creamy cheese and is a favorite among pizza lovers.

And finally, the last cheese of a classic pizza dish is parmesan. This is very simple and poignant cheese is a staple cheese in Italy. It is used fresh. Which means it is added after the pizza is cooked. So these four cheeses, mozzarella, provolone, cheddar and parmesan are all included in the classic cheese pizza.

The White Creamy Cheese Mix

To create a white creamy cheese mix, start with a ricotta cheese base sauce. Ricotta cheese is a creamy, white and soft cheese and has a slight sweet taste. Ricotta is a whey cheese that is left over from other cheeses. It can be made from cows, goats, sheep and even water buffalo milk. This is blended with fontina cheese, which is also made from cow’s milk. The fontina cheese has a buttery and a little bit nutty taste to it and melts beautifully. Alongside these two cheeses comes the gruyere cheese which happens to be a very good melting cheese also and that can make awesome fondues as well. Typically, a gruyere cheese has a hard rind and a dense creamy center. This cheese also has a nutty taste and compliments the other cheeses in the creamy white cheese mix. Finally add gorgonzola cheese, a thick, rich blue cream cheese, made from unskimmed cow’s milk. This gives the pizza a creamy and very salty taste with an extremely big after kick; let’s say a “bite”. The combination of all the creamy cheeses and the blue vein create a taste that explodes your palette.

The French Dream Cheese Trio

The French have a huge variety of gourmet cheeses to select from and we have chosen just three cheeses that complement each other greatly. The cheeses are particularly rich and very aromatic. Start with comte, made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. It has a very dense texture, a creamy texture and boasts a very salty, savory and sweet flavor with a hint of smokiness. It’s actually won several world cheese titles so it is a must for people that want to experience this French hero. Next on the list is the cantal cheese and this cheese has a fresh, sweet taste alongside a smooth palette. The buttery taste sits very nicely among the other two cheeses and compliments them nicely. And lastly, we come to the abondance cheese. This cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, is semi-hard and has a grainy texture. When you cook it the cheese melts and tastes of a fruit and nut base so it could even be used on a dessert pizza. These three very different flavored French cheeses can make a very delightful gourmet pizza and offers the diners a very rich and decadent pizza, just as the French are famous for.

The Swiss is Out to Impress

Switzerland is one of the top 10 countries in the world renowned for their delectable cheeses. Swiss cheese is as appetizing as the people who live there. The Vacherin Fribourgeois Cheese which is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is a semi-soft cheese, you can taste the nutty and buttery flavor and is often used on pizzas and in fondues because of its elasticity. The Swiss use this cheese in a variety of settings for its ability to be cooked in several ways as well as having it fresh and sliced in a salad or with garlic bread. To compliment this cheese the Austrian Alps cheese, a staple cheese in Switzerland, offers a unique spicy flavor mixed with a buttery and nutty base. This cheese combined with the vacherin fribourgeois cheese sets the scene for a very tasty and savory pizza indeed. And finally, the emmental cheese which is already popular in the United States is another great Swiss cheese. Used on pizza, this cheese adds depth and density. Swiss Cheeses bring a certain savory and spicy taste to a lovely pizza.


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