Fun Facts About National American Beer Day


National American Beer Day is a day to raise a glass to all the brewers America has given us, and toast the day with your favorite American brew. Below are some fun facts about this beer-tiful holiday!

10 Fun Beer Facts

1. Nearly all the minerals needed for human survival can be found in a glass of beer.

2. Consuming a 12-ounce bottle of beer daily prevents heart disease because it increases levels of plasma antioxidants in the human body.

3. The intoxicant in beer known as ethanol is also a powerful antiseptic.

4. The oldest beer advertisement that has ever been recovered is from 4000 B.C.

5. Beer is good for your bone because it contains high levels of silicon that increase calcium and mineral deposits that build bone tissue.

6. The proper title for a beer expert is Cerevisaphile.

7. The first brewers were women and were known as Brewsters.

8. On average, an American beer-drinker consumes around 23 gallons of beer in just 1 year.

9. The first beer brewers were the Ancient Babylonians.

10. Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery. It was established in 1829 and continues to brew beer for the public today.

History of Beer

Beer Currency in the Ancient World
Archeologists have determined that ancient Egypt was built on beer. Pyramid workers received around 4 or 5 liters for a day of work. In fact, a clay tablet “pay stub” is currently on display at the British Museum. The tablet uses cuneiform to illustrate that beer was distributed as currency. The beer the workers received was hearty and starchy, so it doubled as a meal for the hungry workers.

Prohibition Beer Ban

Did you know that beer was once illegal in America? In fact, during prohibition only bootleg bottles were served. In the 1920s, Americans caught drinking beers were jailed. By 1933, the 18th Amendment was annulled by the 21st Amendment, which ended the prohibition. So, be thankful for how easily you can access beer today; our ancestors didn’t share the same luxury of accessibility.


Did you know that Obama was the first president to brew his own beer? His specialty is known as the White House Honey Ale. Obama paid for the supplies himself and White House staff helped bring the brew to fruition. In addition to this signature brew, the White House staff has also brewed the White House Honey Blonde Ale, the White House Honey Porter, and the White House Honey Brown Ale. The labels for these brews contain a sketch of the White House.

Work for Your Beer

Analysts compared hourly wages and beer prices across the world to find that on average Americans have to work the least amount of time to be able to afford a beer. The findings show that 20 minutes of work covers the cost of 1 store bought beer. This study is a great reason to celebrate drinking beer in America.


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