Candy Cane Cocktail Recipes


Looking for a unique way to incorporate the Christmas themed cocktails with your holiday menu? Candy canes are one Christmas themed food that can be incorporated into a variety of different cocktails. If you are on the lookout for ways to make a candy cane cocktail, try the options below.

Peppermint White Christmas

2 Candy Canes
White Creame de Cocoa

Peppermint White Christmas is an iconic winter themed drink that has become popular owing to the rising prominence of this drink on social media pages that are dedicated to cocktails and Christmas themed food. To start off this drink, you will first need to find a good champagne glass. Classic champagne glasses work best with this drink, but you can use any other kind of glass that you see fit for this cocktail.

1) Crush one candy cane into a fine powder. You can use a rolling pin or even something hard that can crush a candy cane easily.
2) Line the rim of the glass with a little bit of White Cream de Cocoa and the candy cane you have just crushed.
3) Fill the ⅓ of the glass with Cream de Cocoa and the rest with the champagne of your choice.
4) Add another candy cane to your drink as a stirrer and your Peppermint White Christmas is ready to serve.

Peppermint Milkshake

6 Candy Canes
Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee Liqueur

A good milkshake is always something that people appreciate, and having an alcoholic milkshake is always great on Christmas Day. Candy canes are a perfect addition to milkshakes because of the unique flavor that they bring along with them.

1) Take six of candy canes and put them in a blender. Crush these candy canes until they appear as small bits. Don’t crush them too finely just yet since you need to wait for the other steps.
2) Take a little bit of this crushed candy canes and keep it aside to use as garnishing later on. 
3) Add some milk and ⅓ vanilla ice cream along with the candy canes that you have just crushed. Mix them well together until the milkshake seems smooth.
4) Add some of the coffee liqueur to the blended mix and blend it together just a little more.
5) Pour your drink into a tall glass. Top the milkshake off with some of the candy canes that you crushed earlier and your drink is ready.

Baileys And Candy Martini

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Chilled Vodka
Melted Peppermint Chocolate
1 Candy Cane

The Baileys And Candy Martini is definitely one strong Christmas themed cocktail that is sure to leave your guests amazed with what you have put out. This drink is incredibly easy to make, and definitely something for those who like their alcohol strong.

1) Melt the peppermint chocolate into a bowl and mix it well ( make sure there aren’t any lumps in this.)
2) Melt your chocolate and keep it aside and get ready to mix your drinks.
3) Grab a cold shaker and add half parts Bailey’s Irish Cream and half parts Vodka and shake it well.
4) Once your two alcohol choices have mixed together well, add a bit of the melted chocolate and shake it just a little more.
5) Take a martini glass and pour the drink into it ( make sure that no lumps have been formed in the chocolate during this.)
6) Take a candy cane and place it in the drink that your guests can also use as a stirrer. As the candy cane stays in the drink,  it will slowly dissolve, giving your guests that subtle taste of a candy cane.

Candy Cane Martini

Peppermint Vodka
Creme de Cocoa
1 Candy Cane

A candy cane martini is one of the simplest kinds of cocktails that one can make, and is a perfect way to enjoy the cozy holiday season. This cocktail takes advantage of flavored vodka and gives it a unique Christmas themed twist. Because of how easy this is to make, it is a great cocktail to serve at larger parties.
1) Fill a shaker with ice and make sure that your ice cubes aren’t too big since that would make pouring this drink a lot harder than it needs to be.
2) Once you have your ice cubes, pour a little bit of the Creme de Cocoa into the shaker along with the ice.
3) Once you have poured this, cover the shaker and shake it as much as you can. After a few shakes, pour the peppermint vodka in the shaker as well and shake it once more.
4) Once your drink is ready, strain your drink before you pour it into the glass.
5) Add a peppermint candy as is so that your guests can use it to stir their drink.

Peppermint White Russian

Peppermint Schnapps
Bailey’s Irish Cream
2 Candy Canes

A White Russian is an incredibly popular drink, and something that an incredible amount of people are drawn towards, which is why serving this at your party is definitely a good option. This festive take on the classic drink is a great way to get your friends to try something new and is a perfect addition to your holiday menu.

1) Fill a shaker with a little bit of ice and make sure that this isn’t too big or it becomes difficult to work with.
2) Mix one part peppermint schnapps with one part Bailey’s Irish Cream together and shake them well.
3) Once you have finished shaking them together, leave them to chill for a few minutes.
4) Dip the rim of the glass that you are going to be using in some honey.
5) Crush some candy canes till they are a semi-fine powder with a rolling pin and dip the rim of the glass in it.
6) Pour the chilled mixture into a glass and serve it with a peppermint candy cane to stir.


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