Frugal Winter Car Hacks that Really Work


What do a chalkboard eraser, a pair of socks, and a lighter have in common? They’re all life-changing winter car hacks. The winter brings frosty windshields, ice and frozen door locks. Since the snowy season is quickly approaching, head to your local dollar store and pick up a few inexpensive household items that will make your life so much easier this coming winter.

Get Unstuck Quickly

Snow makes it difficult to drive your car. One way to move your car is by using cardboard. Keep a piece of cardboard in your trunk and place it under your tires when your car is stuck in the snow. Want to add traction to your tires? Use kitty litter. Pour it under the tires; this will help get your car moving.

Another quick trick is to put on a pair of socks over your shoes to help you when you need to push to your car to get it moving. Wearing socks over your shoes will provide ample traction in the snow and on the ice.

Stop Your Wipers from Freezing

There are many ways to stop wipers from freezing, but none beat these frugal hacks. One way to stop wipers from freezing is by placing them in the upright position and covering them with socks. You can also use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe down your wiper blades at night. This will help them stay free from the ice and snow, preventing any unfortunate sticking in the morning.

Keep Your Doors from Freezing Shut

Doors tend to freeze shut during bad storms and particularly cold nights. Keep some cooking spray on hand (the same one you use to bake cookies) to mist the rubber seals of each car door. This will help prevent the doors from freezing overnight or throughout a long, cold day.

Keep your Windows from Fogging Inside

One of the biggest car problems during the winter is foggy windows. Foggy windows make it difficult to see and drive. You can easily defrost your windows with your car’s heat system, but what about those side windows and the mirrors that freeze and fog up? Here are a few simple solutions to this problem.

A chalkboard eraser can permanently remove fog from the interior of your car windows, making it easier to see and drive safely. If you don’t have one, try putting some shaving cream on the window and wiping it off. This method helps remove the fog from the interior of your window for better visibility.

To keep side mirrors from freezing, place a gallon sized ziplock bag around them the night before and secure with a rubber band. Remove the bags in the morning and your side mirrors will be ice-free and ready to use.

Improve Headlights

Headlights are important, but they’re not doing their job to keep you safe if they aren’t bright and visible. One way to improve the quality of lights is by using a tube of toothpaste and some warm water. Apply the toothpaste onto a small cloth and rub the exterior of your headlights with a firm scrub. Then, rinse off the toothpaste with warm water and a clean towel. Your headlights will appear brighter instantly.

De-Ice Your Windshield

The windshield of your vehicle freezes quickly when the weather drops. One way to prevent your windshield from icing over is by making a quick mixture to spray on the windshield at night. Mix one part water and three parts vinegar. Place the solution in a bottle and spray it on the windshield at night. When the morning comes, your windshield will be free of ice and ready to drive. Remember, never use hot water to melt the ice off a windshield because it can shatter the glass.

Unfreeze Your Locks

Have you ever tried to open your car door only to realize that your locks are frozen? Even though some newer cars have keyless entry, what if your key fob battery is dead and you need to use the actual key to unlock your car? A cold night can freeze the condensation inside the lock and make it impossible for you to open your car. Use a lighter to warm the tip of your key. Place they key in the lock and watch as it melts the ice immediately to provide access to the interior of your vehicle.

Prepare for common winter car problems with these easy and inexpensive hacks. Plan a trip to your local dollar store and purchase the items you need to winterize your car for the cold and snowy season.


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