Winter Date Night Ideas


Winter is one of the most romantic seasons. It’s the perfect time to spend time with your significant other. Make it extra special by going on some epic date nights. There are plenty of fun things to do that don’t need to break the bank. Here are some fun winter date night ideas.

Ice Skating

This is the time of year where local parks open up small, frozen lakes for ice skating for the public. You can put on the winter coat, hats, and gloves and get to the local pond. They should be renting ice skates there. You don’t necessarily have to be a talented skater to have a fun time. Part of the fun is laughing at each other as you fall. It’s fun, and it’s something you don’t get to do all year round.

Cook Together

Spend a night together in front of a hot stove. Find some recipes you want to try and take some time to cook a romantic meal with each other. You can work together in the kitchen to create something delicious. When you’re done, you get to eat it! Don’t forget the wine. You should also work together to clean up after the meal is over.

Movie Night

Winter is a great time for staying in and cuddling while watching a movie. Get a big blanket that the cover the both of you while you lounge on the couch in your pajamas. You can light some candles or a fire if you have a fireplace. You can also get some hot cocoa ready for the two of you. Holiday movies are great, but don’t feel limited to the genre because it is Christmas. If action or horror is more your thing, watch what you like to watch. Of curse, you might not want to finish the movie…

Carriage Ride

For the romantic people in the group, this is the perfect time to get on a horse and carriage. Many large parks may have them available during the peak season right around Christmas. You can ride around in the carriage while wrapped in each other’s arms. It’s something many people don’t get to experience, so it can be quite special.

Make Gingerbread Houses Together

Some people like gourmet cuisine. Other people like gum drops and candy canes. If you and your significant other fall into the second category, have some fun while making gingerbread houses together. There are a number of kits available, or you can get the ingredients yourself. All you need are graham crackers or gingerbread crackers, frosting, and a variety of small Christmas candy. You don’t have to do a traditional gingerbread houses, either. You can make a mansion, a log cabin, a shed, a church, a landmark, a castle, or a pyramid. Enjoy yourself and let your creativity fly. Just remember to buy candy you enjoy since you are going to eat it eventually.

Go Shopping Together

You both have a lot of shopping to do. You may as well find a time to go together and make a date out of it. You can get advice from each other while you shop for the kids or your loved ones. Don’t forget to get some silly gag gifts. That’s always part of the fun. When you’re done, you can grab lunch or dinner. Then, have a little wrapping party of two when you get home. Naturally, you cannot shop for each other while shopping together. However, if you’re not done, it may be a good time to learn what to get them.


Some people absolutely love Christmas music. A lot. They know all of the words and love to sing the songs. Well, if your significant other gets the holiday spirit, support it by going caroling. You can always find plenty of groups who want to go online. You’ll have a good time going from house to house spreading Christmas cheer. You don’t even need a great voice to go caroling as long as you are jolly and having a good time.

Look at Christmas Lights

One of the reasons Christmas is so beautiful is because of all of the lights people decorate with at this time of year. Get in the car and go for a small ride. Before you do this, take a mental note of any extraordinarily decorated Christmas houses. Some towns also go all out with their decorations in the park.

Do Charity Together

One of the most beautiful things you can do with your significant other is to work with them toward a common goal. Find a soup kitchen or a charity that you both care deeply about. You can spend the night helping others together. You’ll feel good about each other as well as yourself.

Board Game Night

Embrace your inner child by getting out the board games and having some fun together. There are a number of options out there that work well for two players, so take your pick. You can also make it a video game night and race each other in Mario Kart or something similar.

Winter is a great time to go out and get romantic with the one you love. These tips can help keep things hot on date night even when the temperature is cold.


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