Things You Should Wait Until After Christmas to Buy


With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is flocking to stores to score the best holiday deals. However, don’t fall into these retail traps. Some items are extremely discounted if wait until after the holidays to purchase them. The last thing you want to do is to overspent and bankrupt yourself on deals you could get for cheaper after the holidays.

Winter Apparel

Winter clothing is expensive around Christmas time since its peak selling season for apparel. However, if you wait until Christmas, you’ll be able to get winter clothes for cheap. This is because stores are rushing to get their spring clothes on shelves. If you’re shopping for winter apparel, January is the perfect time to buy clothes.


Instead of buying Christmas or other holiday decorations during December, wait until the holidays are over. You’ll be able to save between 50 to 75 percent off nearly a week after Christmas ends.

Toys and Small Presents

As soon as Christmas is over, most retailers have an abundance of toys, gift baskets, and other items that they have to sell. However, the easiest ways for stores to get rid of this merchandise is to move it to the clearance bin. After the holidays, you should check out the clearance areas of your favorite stores, you’ll be find toys and other small gifts marked 50 percent off or more.

Baby Supplies

If you have a friend or family member that has a new baby, after the holidays is the best time to purchase baby items. Most stores are looking to get rid of their seasonal baby merchandise, meaning they will have highly discounted baby items and gifts available.

Fitness Gear

There’s no surprise that fitness gear is expensive. However, the fitness industry enjoys overcharging during the holidays because of the high demand of people making New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. Fitness items are placed on sale after the holidays end; this includes fitness DVDs, equipment, and gym memberships.


Most holiday-based alcohols, such as champagne and wine goes on sale around the holidays, but their prices drop drastically after Christmas. This is because most liquor stores are looking to get rid of their holiday selections and gift sets and to make room for the spring and summer beverages. Score a few tasty drinks for the house at a low price, when you shop after the holidays.

Baking Ingredients

Throughout the holidays, supermarkets and other stores receive a large amount baking supplies. Although you should generally try to avoid long lines during the holiday season, you should try shopping for baking ingredients after Christmas if you can. This is when baking ingredients will be discounted the most.


The number of camera deals skyrockets as soon as the holidays are over. If you’re looking to buy a new camera, we suggest waiting to put it on your wish list and buy it cheap after the holidays with the money you got for Christmas. We also suggest looking at refurbishes cameras, which will be even cheaper (even though they may not be as pristine as a new camera.) Nevertheless, you’ll be able to score big on a new camera as soon as Christmas ends.


Every year, big brand retailers seriously discount the cost of their HDTVs. Don’t get fooled by the Black Friday deals, just wait for the first day of January and you’ll be able to get the same great deals, if not better.

Audio Gear

Most home theater equipment and headphones are on sale the day after Christmas. Nevertheless, people still try to buy their audio gear during the holidays and spend a large load of cash. Be smart and shop after the holidays for the best deals.

Video Games

Are you or your kids looking for new video games to play after the holidays? Instead of buying them new games for Christmas, gift them cash instead. This way you can shop after the holidays for discounted video games. This also goes the same for consoles, audio equipment, TVs, etc.

If you’re looking to buy something for the upcoming year, shop right after the holidays. You’ll be surprised how many deals you can score when you take advantage of retail overstock. With the help of this guide, head down to your local store after Christmas and land a great deal on something you’ve put on your Christmas list.


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