Shopping Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Ready for healthy dose of hype surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well a boatload of holiday shopping tips? While many find fun in chasing that ultimate deal for a gift or big-ticket item, others find the frenzy and hysteria surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday distasteful but necessary. However, gift-buying and giving can be fun. Remember to reserve a little room for fun amidst all the shopping and buying this holiday season.

Set a Budget and Research Deals

Set a holiday shopping budget and determine what you can reasonably spend. After all, what’s the point of taking advantage of the great deals if you overspend? The internet is a very useful tool that will let you research an item’s specs, prices and ratings. Consider signing up for a few favored retailers’ email alert lists or apps to stay on top of any developing deals, coupons or discounts. This will help you find your items in-store or online at the best price. Alerts are also helpful if you want to know when an out of stock item is back on the shelves.

Know What’s On Sale

When shopping in an actual store, be sure to use your cell phone to check out product ratings and prices (in case the store has a price-match policy.) If you’ve signed up for price and inventory alerts from online stores, check your phone throughout the day, these sites send out constant updates. Multitask by buying an item from one retailer while you’re in the actual checkout line at another. This will save you time and help you score great deals.

Make a List & Compare Prices

Your list states who you are buying for and how much you’re allotted to spend on each person. Carry this list with you or keep it within reach at all times when shopping (whether in a virtual or physical store.)This list will help you stay on point and on budget. It is also good to add a measure of flexibility to your master list. Some stores or online retailers will add some unbeatable deals to their offerings throughout the day on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Plan for second or third backup options in case your preferred item is out of stock.

Review Return Policies

Be sure to research a retailer’s return and exchange policies for the items you plan on picking up. Sometimes the policies for certain items will be different. This is especially important for tricky gifts, such as clothes and footwear. Also, check out the stores price-match policy. Many stores are expanding such policies this year, which can make things far more convenient and save you money.

Save Receipts, Order Confirmations and Factor in Shipping Fees

For Cyber Monday shoppers, make sure to save your receipts (either print form or as an email.) This is especially important for high-price, big-ticket items that you may end up needing to return or exchange. Organize your email receipts and order confirmations into a special folder, so you can keep track of your credit or debit card charges. Shipping fees can be exorbitant for some items, making it more ideal to pick up certain items at a local retailer instead. When shopping online, factor in shipping fees or look for sites or special sales that offer free shipping.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great idea for those hard-to-please people in your life. Also, some credit card companies even offer generous points and rewards for shoppers who buy gift cards.

Living Local Deals

A Living Local gift-certificate makes a great holiday gift. These discounted gift-cards include dining, pet supplies, museum passes, salon and grooming, clothing & apparel, bridal accessories, and more. These gift-certificates makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for hard-to-please friends or loved ones, not to mention you will score big on savings.

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