Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Your Closet


Did Halloween sneak up on your again? You thought you would get around to picking up a costume, then all of a sudden Halloween has arrived and the only costumes left at the store are the wrong size or not what you want. Not to worry, a cute, clever costume could be hiding in your closet. Here are some great last minute Halloween costumes you can throw together last minute right from your closet.

1. Rosie the Riveter

Throw on your favorite denim button down. Pull up your hair and tie a red bandana around your head, with the knot at the front. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to flex those biceps. You can do it!

2. Lumberjack

Throw on boots, jeans, a flannel shirt and a pair of suspenders. If you have a beard, you are all set. If not, you can draw one on with brown eyeliner. For an extra boost, carry a toy axe. In a matter of minutes you can transform into Paul Bunyan.

3. Scarecrow

Throw on jeans or overalls, a flannel shirt, and a straw hat. If you have some yellow ribbons or rattan material, sew or tape strings of it to your sleeves, collar, and pant legs. If you are feeling creative, add some costume makeup and place a fake crow on your shoulder.

4. Mime

Put on black pants and a horizontal black and white striped shirt. Paint your face white and add red lips and eyeliner. If you have suspenders and a beret, even better!

5. Ghost

Take an old white sheet and cut two holes for your eyes.

6. FBI Agent

Put on a black suit and a white button-down. Fashion an “FBI” badge on a piece of cardboard, and then attach it to your suit pocket or collar like an ID badge. Agent Halloween, reporting for candy.

7. Tourist

If you own a fanny pack, it is time to get it out of storage. Throw on your walking shoes, Hawaiian shirt, binoculars, camera, and any other tourist stereotype you can dream up.

8. Athlete

Whatever sport you play (tennis, lacrosse, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming…) put on your athletic gear. Finish the look with accessories like a ball and racket. If you are a swimmer, wear your swim cap and goggles on your head.

9. 80’s Fashion

80s fashion is all about neon, popped collars, shoulder pads, crimped hair and poufy skirts. Flip through your closet and dress up in your favorite cliché style from the 80s era.

10. Graduate

If you still have your cap and gown lying around, put it to good use. Roll up a piece of paper and tie it with a ribbon for your faux diploma. Voilà, instant costume!

11. Party Animal

Throw on every animal print clothing item that you own. Throw on a party hat and you’re a party animal!

12. Pajama Party

Wear a pajama set or a colorful onesie, then add a party hat. You will have a warm Halloween costume, ready to go.

13. Doctor or Nurse

Throw on a pair of scrubs, a stethoscope, and sneakers. Don’t have scrubs? Wear a white lab coat instead for an easy doctor costume.

14. Black Cat

Wear all black (including black tights if you wear a skirt.) If you have a cat ear headband, you are all set. If not, cut out two triangles from black craft paper or felt. Sew or glue the triangles onto a headband like cat ears.

15. Masquerade

Be a little mysterious this Halloween. Wear a glam party dress and a masquerade mask. This sophisticated costume will have you looking stunning in minutes.

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