Helpful Tips for Opening your Pool


It’s almost time to open your pool for the season. If you’re not exactly sure what needs to be done, follow a few simple steps, you’ll have your pool ready for swimming sooner than you think.

Get Some Help

It is possible to open your pool and get it ready for swimming on your own; however, it is easier and faster if you recruit someone else to help.

Open Your Pool Early

The earlier in the season you open your pool the better. This is true for two reasons. First, many pool stores and many online stores offer discounts on chemicals when you buy early. Second, when you open your pool early, it will help with algae issues. Algae thrives in dark warm places. This is why the water is green when you first take off the cover. This is also why algae thrive in the middle of June. If you open your pool early, you can get a jump on getting rid of the algae before it gets too warm outside.

Gather the Necessary Items

Before you get the pool ready; make sure that you have everything that you will need. To successfully open your pool, you will need the following:
• Shock
• Chlorine
• pH alkalinity
• Chlorine stabilizer
• Telescopic pole
• Vacuum head
• Vacuum hose
• Skimmer head
• Pool brush
• Test kit
Once you have each of these items, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

Remove the Pool Cover

When you take the cover off of your pool, you won’t know what to expect. Some people open the cover and find that their pool is crystal clear or just cloudy. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Most people open the pool cover and find that the water is either light green or dark green.

Get the Filter Going

As soon as the cover comes off the pool; you need to get your filter started. You will need to keep the filter running until the water is crystal clear. When the water is clear, run the filter 10 to 12 hours each day.

To Change the Sand in the Filter or Not To Change the Sand In the Filter?

When it comes to the sand in the filter, you will never get a straight answer. This is because the industry cannot seem to agree on this matter. You can go to one pool store and they will tell you that you need to change the sand. You can go to another store and they will tell you that it isn’t necessary. You can do whichever you like, however, when you decide what you are going to do, stick with it. It is better for your filter if you remain consistent.

Test Your Water

Once the filter gets going, you should test your water right away. To take a water sample, you should put a cup under the water upside down and put it elbow deep in the water. Turn the cup upright while it is still under the water and take the sample. You can either use your test kit to test the water or you can take it to your local pool supply store. If you are new to testing the water and you want to be sure that you are getting an accurate reading.
Test the following:
• Total and free chlorine
• pH and alkalinity
• Chlorine stabilizer
• Calcium hardness

Shock the Pool

When you first open your pool, you need to shock it. Shock will increase the chlorine level in the pool, kill the bacteria and get rid of the dead chlorine that has already done its job. The greener your pool is when you open the cover, the more you are going to need to shock it.

Clean and Vacuum the Pool

There is a good chance that there will be debris floating in the water when you first open it. You might also find that there is algae and debris stuck to the bottom of the pool and to the walls. To get the pool thoroughly clean, you should use the skimmer to remove the debris from the top of the pool. You should also vacuum the sides and the floor.

Clean your Pool Cover

When you take your pool cover off, hose it down completely. If you get the pool cover clean, you won’t need to worry about it when it’s time to close the pool. Store it in a closed plastic container.

Test the Pool Daily

After shocking the pool; give it a few hours before testing it again. It can take a few days to get the chemicals and the pH of the water stabilized. You should continue testing it until you get the water just right. If you are having trouble, you can take another sample to the pool supply store and they can give you some advice so that you can stabilize the water.


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