Fun Ways to Celebrate National Girlfriends Day


There is now a holiday to enjoy as friends, National Girlfriends Day! There is no better time to celebrate your friendships. Here are a few ways to spend time with your favorite ladies.

Plan a Trip

Are you looking for a little getaway before summer ends? This is now the perfect time to get out of town with your friends. Spending some time away is a good way to relax and share a few laughs. If you can’t find the time for a whole weekend away, consider a mini staycation. There are plenty of museums, art galleries, and stores to explore right in your own town.

Pajama Time

Plan a girl’s only slumber party! Get started by renting a few movies to enjoy or streaming one of your favorite movies from the past. Make the party a potluck celebration as well. Everyone can bring a favorite dish to share. Try each other’s favorite recipes and discover a new favorite dish. Break out a few boards games and have some fun!

Send a Card

If your best girlfriend lives far away, don’t let her feel left out. You can send always send a card to let her know she’s still on your mind. You can even make your own postcard or send it via email. By just taking some time out of your day, it will mean so much to your friend. Everyone wants to be remembered, even if it is from miles away.

Reconnect Through Social Media

Do you have a friend that you might have lost touch with over the years? Now is the perfect opportunity to reconnect. Send a friendly note, share a few laughs and catch up on your lives.

Clothing Swap

Invite your girlfriends over for a clothing swap. Each friend can bring over a few pieces of clothing that she does not want to wear. By using a lottery system, each lady can choose an item of clothing that she wants to keep. This helps give new life into gently worn clothes. Everyone will walk away with a few new pieces for their wardrobe. It will give everyone a chance to shop and spend time with each other.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Grab a few of your closest friends and go explore the outdoors. Pack a few bottles of wine and a picnic lunch and head to the beach. Some outdoor locations even have free concerts in the park. Enjoy spending a nice evening with friends and listening to music.

Take a Class

There are a wide variety of classes to take together with your friends. Many areas have places that let you grab a glass of wine and paint a picture. If your friends love to create items to wear, think about attending a knitting class. It will not only be a fun outing, but you can wear your creation home.

Capture the Memories

Give a gift that you just can’t buy in the store. Consider making a scrapbook for your friend. It can include all types of photos and memories that you both have shared over the years. This is guaranteed to be a keepsake that she will want to keep forever. It will also be fun to add to the book as you have more adventures together.

Host a Makeover Night

Gather some friends for a makeover night. Everyone can bring over some of their favorite products. These spa treatments can include everything from hair products to skin care items. It will be fun to see what your friends recommend. You may even find a new favorite beauty product.

Start Something New

Think about setting up a cooking group or exercise class. Make sure it is an interest that everyone can enjoy. This can give everyone a chance to catch up on more than one day of the year. Once you have set a schedule, it will be fun celebrating your friendships throughout the year.

Take time to celebrate the important girlfriends in your life. Show them the gratitude they deserves and start making more memories together


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