Fun Snow Day Activities


Inclement weather is often a potential safety hazard and workers are advised to stay at home due to unsafe driving conditions because of ice and snow. However, for schoolchildren, hearing about inclement weather has a completely different meaning. For kids, hearing about a snow day is a unique wintertime joy that springs thoughts of snowmen, fireplace gatherings, and playing in a winter wonderland. Not to mention the fact that most importantly, there is no school for the day and you are absolutely free to play with friends and family in the snow. Given the incredible outlook of a snow day as a kid, in this article, we will go over specific snow day activities that you can enjoy with your family.


Make a Snowman

One of the most popular things to do on a snow day is to build a snowman. What’s better than having your very own friend made out of snow. Standing tall guarding the house and also showing off your skills to the neighbors! Be sure to use a carrot for the nose and some chocolates or other dark round items for the eyes. Have fun!


Have a Snowball Fight

A favorite snow day activity of rambunctious youngsters is the coveted snowball fight. Snow is soft and usually does not hurt. The worst thing that can happen is somebody gets too cold from getting hit with too many snowballs. Make sure the kids don’t play too hard!


Make a Snow Angel

Sometimes kids can go wild when they see snow. Have the kids use that energy to go jump in the snow and make a snow angel! This fun activity will be sure to satisfy and a lot of laughs will ensue!


Watch Movies

Sometimes it is too cold to go outside, so you will have to find some fun stuff to do inside. What could be better than relaxing and cozying up on the couch watching some movies? There are a lot of family-friendly films on Netflix and Hulu that the entire family can enjoy.


Gather Around the Fireplace

An enjoyable and memorable experience is to have a fire on a cold, snowy day. The fire is not only warm, but also has some magic to it in the wintertime. Enjoy spending time with family around the fire. Tell stories and enjoy some snacks!


Make Some Snow Ice Cream

Remember Snow Ice Cream? No? Well, this is indeed a wonderful treat for the kiddos on a snow day! You start by putting some fresh snow into a bowl. Blend in some milk, sugar, and vanilla, and voila, you have your very own snow ice cream!


Make Some Cookies

It might be around the holiday season, but even if it’s February on your snow day, it’s a great day to stay inside and bake! There is something so fun about baking cookies on a snow day!


Make Hot Chocolate

Want to warm up? Then hot chocolate should be a given on any snow day! The soothing warmth is so precious when it is all white and freezing outside. Add some marshmallows on top and then use those same marshmallows in order to…


Make Marshmallow Snowmen!

First, take a pretzel stick, and slide some marshmallows on. Doesn’t it look like a snowman? Add some chocolate chips for eyes and two small pretzel sticks for arms. I bet you never knew a snowman could be so delicious!


Explore in the Snow

Maybe it is obvious, but one of the best things to do in the snow is to just explore. Go for a walk around your neighborhood and take in the sites. If you live near a wooded area, there is something very peaceful about walking through the woods in the snow.


Play Video Games

If you are into video games, then being warm and indoors on a snow day is a great time to get some gaming in. In other words, it is a day of free time which means there is no guilt in playing some video games today!


Play Board Games

Sometimes the best part about a snow day is spending quality time indoors with friends and family. Pull out some board games and start playing! Snow days are a great day to get some use out of those board games.


Coloring Books

If the kiddos have some coloring books, then a snow day is the perfect time to have some artistic fun! Coloring or drawing is a fun activity when you are inside avoiding the frigid cold.


Arts and Crafts

You can find some great arts and crafts ideas online. Save up these ideas for golden opportunities like these. Memories that last a lifetime will be made so snap some pics.


Painting Snow

Fill up some squirt guns with a bit of food coloring or paint, and then go out in the snow which is your very own canvas. You can also just bring the bottle dispensers outside if you don’t have a squirt gun. Make some art in the snow and it will be so colorful!


Find an Icicle

It may sound simple and a bit strange, but icicles are really cool and totally represent winter! Look around areas where water would have dripped and has frozen in place.


Play with Slime

Kids just love squishy and messy things. Slime meets both of those criteria! There are lots of different squishy slimes and you can even make your own!


Play Charades

Nothing like a good old game for the entire family! Charades is an old school game that requires nothing besides your body! Test the contestants’ knowledge and see if you are really a good actor!


Learn a New Skill

Finally, the least likely to excite your kids, but the most beneficial, learning thing. Look online for some free quick and easy courses on topics that interest the kids. See if there is something that can be mastered on the snow day!


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